11 Ways To Have A More Eco-Friendly Christmas Celebration

Every year, families across the country are getting more and more creative as to how they celebrate Christmas. They may hire a Christmas light installer for their lights displayed or have Christmas lights installed themselves. They can opt for the traditional display of Christmas trees and stockings or a more religious one with the star of Bethlehem on top of their roof. Whatever it may be, the important part is that they get to enjoy the process.

Here’s a new Christmas trend that has been happening across the nation: an eco-friendly Christmas celebration! Sounds interesting? Here are 11 ways you can achieve this.

Send out e-cards

A great way to minimize or even completely eliminate paper waste this holiday season is to start sending out e-cards. There are so many designs to choose from online!

Display a real Christmas tree

For this year, why not visit your local Christmas tree farm? Cut down your own tree and bring the family together to help decorate it. It helps if you can find an organic farm that does not use pesticides.

Opt for LED lights

Looking to have your Christmas lights installed by a Christmas light installer? Choose LED lights, also known as Light Emitting Diodes. These consume 80% less energy than your standard Christmas lights.

Think local

When it comes to giving gifts, think local. Support the businesses in your neighborhood. Oftentimes, local gifts have a story behind them. In the spirit of Christmas, you can take the time to learn the artist’s story and their inspiration for their work.

Give battery-free gifts

According to EPA, around 40% of battery sales happen during Christmas. Furthermore, once these batteries are discarded, they become an environmental hazard. Practice giving away battery-free gifts this holiday season.

Consider re-gifting

Contrary to what most people believe, re-gifting is acceptable. It makes absolute sense! Be sure to do it with care so as not to offend the one who originally gave you the gift. Remember, keeping a gift that you do not need is wasteful.

Choose eco-friendly wrappers

If you are wrapping your presents, be sure to use eco-friendly wrappers. You can search online for ways to DIY your next Christmas wrappers!

Compute your carbon footprint

Being eco-friendly all comes down to one thing – being conscious about the effects of what you’re doing to the environment. This Christmas season, compute your carbon footprint and ask yourself if certain habits must be cut off from your life in order to live a more eco-friendly one.

Consider a gift for the planet

Gift-giving should not only be limited to humans. Why not try giving a gift to our planet? Not sure where to start? Try planting a tree!

Free gifts

Giving gifts doesn’t mean you have to spend money. If you have a strict budget this year for Christmas gifts (or even if you don’t), why not try giving away something that is completely free? Compliment someone, be nice to them, lend out a helping hand.

Cut food waste

When you go Christmas shopping this year, choose those products that are very light on their packaging or you can also buy loose items.

You don’t have to sacrifice much if you want to be more eco-friendly. With these helpful steps, you’ll be able to contribute so much to our planet right now.