3 Types of Disposable and Reusable Face Mask in Singapore

With the events of the past few years, we have seen people cover up more and more. We have realised the importance of social distancing, protection against the outside, and good hygiene. When we go without these measures, we become vulnerable to diseases like COVID-19. Recent measures we have enacted help us in case other things do not protect us. These measures also include wearing the best face mask in Singapore.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we were used to seeing masks on a few occasions. But now, they are a common sight, gracing public areas such as busy streets, office buildings, and malls. The past few years have seen a transformation in how we view our face masks.

In the coming years, it will not lose its effectiveness (nor its widespread popularity) until we find a lasting solution for sicknesses. While we try to get to that point, it might be a good idea to know how to identify the best type of disposable and reusable face masks in Singapore. You will have maximum protection if you know which ones to choose. Here are some of the face mask types many people know.

1. Disposable

This type of face mask is also known as a ‘standard’ worldwide and is what most people are acquainted with. They come in one-ply to three-ply varieties depending on the breathability and protection they can give. The better the quality of the disposable face masks, the more the user can wear them. Some wearers can even use them up to five times depending on the face mask’s strength.

2. Surgical face masks

You can get a surgical face mask in Singapore from a supplier like Air+ Family, but on many occasions, they are not recommended for use by the public. Though they work better than many cloths or disposable face masks, they are in shorter supply and have a different purpose: to filter out fine particles during surgery. Most of them are only single-use and not for use outside the medical field.

3. Cloth Masks

One type of mask that is rapidly gaining in popularity is the cloth mask or fabric mask, popular for its reusability. However, they may be ineffective at times in protecting the user from different types of air particles. Do your research on which fabric masks work best.

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