4 Types of Utility Cart and Storage Units Seen in Labs

The laboratory is an area where direction and organisation can mean the difference between life and death. If your laboratory is not organised, it can spell danger to whoever uses it. Scientists should keep chemicals hazardous in any way properly labelled, stored, and easily retrieved for future use. This need is why we should appreciate the wide variety of ways we can store our items in the laboratory. For example, a special utility cart can help us safely wheel items in and out of the lab.

Here are some examples of items that help us store, organise, and protect the people using our laboratory equipment.

1. Trolleys

A laboratory trolley is easily sterilised, has multiple compartments or shelvings, and is wheeled for convenience. Many laboratories use them to transport dangerous items without touching them. They are a must-have in any lab or research facility. You may even see them in hospitals.

2. Test tube racks

If you’ve ever seen a wooden or stainless steel test tube rack in your Singapore laboratory class session, then you know its importance. A laboratory needs test tube racks when dealing with liquids and other fluids in small quantities.

3. Drawers

Just like other rooms that you use, drawers help laboratory personnel identify safe items and store them away for later use, such as paperwork or clean lab equipment. They help keep them out of sight until they need to be retrieved later.

4. Shelves

When items need to be displayed but not used all the time, shelves are the perfect laboratory storage unit. Some laboratories also use wire chrome shelving for other purposes. How they use shelves depends on the type of lab.

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