5 Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs

If you are a dog owner, you would have known about fleas. Once your dog gets infected by fleas, you can see them often scratching their body. The fleas will survive on the skin of your dog and drink its blood. It is highly recommended for you to keep an eye on your dog to keep it away from fleas.

You can either contact your veterinarian for pets flea removal or try out some effective home remedies to get rid of the fleas. We have listed five effective remedies to get rid of fleas.


You can either use a homemade flea collar to keep your dog away from fleas or purchase collars that are available ready-made from the market. Both will work effectively to keep your dog away from fleas. If you didn’t know, a flea collar is one of the efficient ways to treat fleas on dogs. You can soak the collar of your dog in unflavored vodka and then allow it to dry. Additionally, you can use essential oils to add scent to the collar. You can use the seresto coupon if you are buying seresto collars for your dogs.


There are numerous flea combs available in the market to get rid of fleas on your dogs. You can also make your homemade dog flea removal comb easily. Just apply some lemon juice on your dog’s regular comb and comb your dog’s coat using this. This will give effective benefit to keep fleas at bay. It is also harmless to your dogs.

Flea spray 

Take an empty spray bottle and dilute essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, and rosemary in water. These oils are proven to keep flea away from your dog. Use this spray directly on your dogs’ external coat. One important thing you should remember is, some essential oils like tea tree oil can be allergic or toxic to pets. Make sure you dilute it well as per your veterinarian’s advice. Just pour a few drops of these oils into 400 ml water. For outdoor purposes, you can use cinnamon oil, clove oil to keep your home free from fleas.

Flea Shampoos 

Contact your veterinarian to buy suitable flea shampoo for your dog. According to the dog breed, the flea shampoo varies, so do not buy an unsuitable flea shampoo for your dog breed without consulting your veterinarian. Flea Shampoos will work effectively to keep your dog’s coat free from fleas.

Vinegar drink 

You can try diluting apple cider vinegar or vinegar in your dog’s drinking water. Make sure your dog drinks it. If it does not like the taste make the process slowly by dilating it with small amounts. You can mix one teaspoon of your vinegar to 4 cups of drinking water. Apart from preventing Fleas, this drink will also help in improving your dog’s skin.

Fleas are the worst enemies to pets and pet owners alike. Apart from jeopardizing your dog’s health, fleas will also make your dog feel irritable. Before you follow any of the remedies mentioned above, you should consult your veterinarian to check if it will be suitable for your dog.