5 reason to get Water UV Cream

Are you looking for a sunscreen that can spare your skin from the harsh chemical? Do you wish to get Uv cream that is made with natural ingredients instead of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate? These two are one of the most commonly found ingredients of sunscreen cream. But what is more worrying about them is the toxicity they bring to the skin.

While these chemical products and sunscreen cream can protect your skin, they are causing some irreversible damages as well. But you can use Water UV Cream instead, which is made with all-natural minerals. It has used Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which does not do any harm to the skin. So if you are interested in getting one, here is more about it and find out the exact reasons you should be using it!

High-quality UV cream

Water UV Cream provides superior skin protection from UV rays. But it’s also super light-weight and non-greasy. Really, what more could you ask for in a sunscreen? It’s suitable for all skin types as well and recommended by numerous dermatologists worldwide.

So are you looking for a sunscreen approved for daily wear and safe enough for even the most sensitive skin? The manufacturers decided to make it better quality and natural sunscreen instead of running after SPF. The result? This fast-absorbing sunscreen features a weightless texture and matte finish. But most importantly, it comes with excellent protection from UV rays.

Good for sensitive skin

It’s made for sensitive and acne-prone skin. So it won’t irritate sensitive skin, so it’s safe for you and your kids all day long. It is resistant up to 480 minutes against the Uv rays. To add more, Uv water cream comes with a nourishing cream formula.

So this water cream will also nourish the skin almost instantly. Water UV Cream hydrates and maintains optimal moisture to ensure softness. A sunscreen that both moisturizes and protects from harmful UV rays? Now, who can say no to that! It is that versatile.


The primary ingredients in this mineral-based, and it is chemical-free. The number one ingredient in this 100% mineral-based sunscreen is Titanium Dioxide. It is a naturally occurring mineral with a high refractive index to physically block UV rays. It’s much gentler than other UV absorbing chemical sunscreens. That makes it very appropriate for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Great for using the whole day

It also provides continual protection when exposed to water or sweat. It creates a thin veil of even coverage. You will certainly love this sunscreen. But not because it effectively protects against UV rays, but it also keeps skin feeling smooth and moisturized all day long. This sunscreen is also infused with antioxidant-powered green tea, which helps fight the effects of damaging UV rays.

Moisturize the skin

Don’t let the small size of this sunscreen stick fool you, it’s packed with hydrating ingredients such as shea butter and organic plant oils. So it goes on, leaving your skin soft and nourished as well. The key ingredients in this sunscreen include shea butter.

It acts as a natural moisturizer, leaving skin soft and silky while also combating premature aging. It deeply moisturizes and soothes dry skin while acting as a moisture barrier to keep skin hydrated. They include plant oils hydrate deeply and leave skin with a natural glow.

Great quality packaging

The packaging design is perfect for face, lips, and ears and it won’t leave hands feeling gross and oily. It prevents sunburn, dryness, premature signs of aging, cell damage, and fine lines as well. As an added bonus, this can help to prevent dark spots, uneven skin tone as well. So, what more could you ask for!