5 Ways to Set Up Solar Panels for Home in Singapore

Clean and green energy is becoming more popular with more households. After all, it’s an excellent alternative to battle climate change for the survival of humanity. So, solar panels for home are an investment not only for your growth but for the betterment of the environment. You can say that solar panels are worth your money because of the multiple benefits they can give.

But before gaining these benefits, you must learn how to set up a solar panel in Singapore. This way, you can use the solar panel with no complications. Remember these steps to set up your solar panel.

1)  Get All the Necessary Tools

The first step is to get all the necessary tools to make your solar panel installation more convenient. The tools are a wire cutter, wire stripper, heat gun, screwdriver, etc. Suppose you’re planning to DIY. Ensure to look for protective equipment to avoid accidents and hurting yourself. Remember to wear eye-protective gear and gloves to prevent wounds.

2)  Gather the Materials for the Installation

After getting all the necessary tools, you must gather all the materials, including the batteries, charge controller, and inverter. A solar panel in Singapore may also need other features, so check all the materials for the installation. In doing so, you can make your solar panels more efficient.

3)  Calculate the Power You Need

You don’t need a scientific formula to calculate your power needs. All you have to do is take down notes of all the power usage for the day. In your notebook, write down the appliances you usually use, including the computer, lights, television, and fans. In doing so, you’ll know the watt-hour for the solar panel setup.

4)  Fixing the Solar Panels on the Roof

Once the solar panels are ready for the roof installation, ensure that you know the safe procedure to prevent accidents. So, select the best spot on your roof for the best results. You can also look for a mounting stand to stabilise the residential solar panel. Most importantly, remember that regular maintenance will keep your solar panels working for an extended period.

5)  Hire a Professional Contractor

Finally, you can hire a professional contractor for the solar panel setup. A professional service is helpful because it offers proper ways to fix solar panels with the right tools. In doing so, you can expect the solar panels will have a correct installation in the long run.

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