7 Electric Fire Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

ArticleElectric fireplaces are a great way of keeping your house warm and toasty when the weather is cold and gray. Compared to traditional fireplaces, maintaining wall mounted electric fires is easier and faster. Aside from the minimized risk of a fire accident at your home, the simple upkeep for a wall mounted electric fire is one of its biggest appeals.

Here are seven electric fire maintenance and cleaning tips to make your life easier.

1. Disconnect before cleaning

When cleaning wall mounted electric fires, our number one rule is to make sure the unit is disconnected from the electrical outlet before you start cleaning it. The next step is to let the unit cool down first. This is to avoid any electrical accidents during the process. Although electrical fireplaces are safe to the touch even when they’re turned on, we recommend turning it off and letting it cool before you dismantle and clean the parts.

2. Check for dust

Dust is the main issue that owners of wall mounted electric fires will have to deal with. By maintaining your wall mounted electric fire regularly, the dust should be minimal and be a breeze to deal with. When cleaning, check the exterior and the interior of the unit for accumulated dust. It should be easy enough to spot any dust on the outside. To check the inside of your unit, take off the grill so you can get a better view.

3. Ditch abrasive cleaners

Resist the urge to buy fancy cleaning solutions and stick to plain old soap and warm water. Dissolve some soap in warm water, dip your washcloth and wring it dry before wiping the glass on your wall mounted electric fire. Use another washcloth to wipe it dry and avoid water spots. Abrasive cleaning solutions can damage the glass and end up costing you more.

4. Use a vacuum

If you’re having trouble getting into small nooks and crannies inside your wall mounted electric fire, use a vacuum to suck up the dust. This will make your job faster and easier. Using a vacuum is ideal when you’re cleaning the fan inside the unit. This prevents dust or debris from accumulating on the blades and allows your fan to spin properly.

5. Check for loose or exposed wiring

As with any electrical appliance at home, you should regularly inspect the wires on your wall mounted electric fires to make sure they’re not loose or exposed. This can happen to homeowners with pets, as some animals tend to chew on things around the house.

6. Handle light bulbs with care

When the time comes to replace the light bulb on your wall mounted electric fire, don’t touch them with your bare hands. It’s better if you use gloves or a piece of cloth so the oils on your skin won’t transfer to the glass on the bulb. Make sure you refer to your fireplace’s manual so you get the right type of bulb at the store.

7. Use a dedicated electrical socket

Plug your electric fireplace directly in a socket that can support the unit’s electrical load. Don’t use an extension cord or power strip and avoid plugging it in with other appliances.

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