7 Reasons Why Having a Carport is a Good Idea

Aside from the house, the car is one of the most important investments people make. This is from a cost standpoint and its impact on daily routines as well. That is why protecting it is essential to many.

You get car insurance, you give it regular maintenance, and even install upgrades. Having an additional place to store your car is one of these protections. A garage is important, but adding a carport would also be beneficial.

Here are some reasons why having a carport is a good idea, even if you already have a garage:

  1. When you have more cars than your garage can accommodate, a carport is the simplest solution. Extending a garage is sometimes more of a challenge than it’s worth. For one, it would take significantly more structural investment. You would need to take down walls, put up new ones, install an additional roof, and add a platform or flooring. More work and material means more cost, which is another disadvantage of extending a garage. You can expect to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 to remodel a garage, whereas the most you would spend with carports is $6,000.
  2. Most people come and go several times a day. Having an outdoor roof that can provide shelter for your car without the hassle of having to park inside the garage would be very convenient and a time saver.
  3. Carports do not need electricity as your garage door openers. You do not even need to install additional flooring for it to be functional. It does not require much maintenance or additional utility cost and would be a cost-efficient way to have additional parking space aside from the garage.
  4. Carports usually do not have walls, which could be more convenient if you have several bags of groceries to unload or a heavy box to carry in from your car. You would have fewer doors to open and close to get your items inside the house.
  5. Installing carports is a sure way to increase the value of your property. In the olden days, having an unsteady aluminium outdoor car roof would be an eyesore and discourage even the most motivated home buyers. Nowadays, carports are customised and can be designed and built to enhance the curb appeal of your house. Aside from aesthetics, having more parking options would also attract more potential home buyers.
  6. Aside from providing shelter for your car, carports can also provide shade for children to play in or adults to relax under the heat of the summer. It can also serve as a backup entertainment area. Sudden rains or drizzles do not have to ruin your Sunday BBQ. There are a host of other outdoor activities that will be made possible by having an outdoor roof.
  7. In case you change your mind about leaving your car out in the open and want added security, you can always install polycarbonate or tin sheets as walls and a lockable roller door anytime. Ultimately, this is still more affordable than extending your garage.

There are many hidden benefits in having a carport other than the more immediate purpose of protecting your car against the harsh weather, and the cost would not require you to make a big commitment. That is why having one is a good idea, even if you already have a fully functional garage.