9 Exciting Things To Do in Banyuwangi

If you’re in the East of Java, it’s nearly inevitable you will see Banyuwangi. The city is your gateway to Bali and it’s the perfect spot to live if you would like to go to Ijen Crater and watch the blue flames. Yet, there’s more to Banyuwangi compared to Ijen. With a lovely beaches, fantastic surf, and magnificent character. To assist you take advantage of your time at the Banyuwangi and precisely what’s available to visitors, here’s a listing of the 9 top steps to take in Banyuwangi. Let us begin with a few of the most extraordinary items –so much –to perform in the area!

1.     Ijen Crater

The volcano is renowned for its sulphur miners, striking yellow landscape, and blue stripes that appear at night. It Is a 30-45 min drive from Banyuwangi into Ijen. The least expensive way to see Ijen is using a shared tour. The standard tour prices around Rp 185,000 per person (covers just the transportation ) with pickup in Banyuwangi region.

2.     Wedi Ireng Beach

Wedi Ireng Beach is situated 65 kilometers to the South of Banyuwangi. The beach gets its name due to the colour of the sand (Wedi signifies ‘sand’ in Javanese and Ireng represents ‘black’ Paradoxically, the sand is white, but there’s black sand beneath the surface. The beach isn’t active and the ideal escape if you would like to surround yourself with character.

3.     Tabuhan Island

Tabuhan Island is situated 20 kilometers from Banyuwangi. The ideal approach to make it to the island would be with people ship. The island is roughly 5 square kilometers and is surrounded by white sandy beaches with coral reefs that are fed with the nutrient-rich waters that stream in the channel between Bali and Java. There are tons of chances for deep diving and snorkelling around the surface. If you go snorkelling here, hope to observe sponges, crayfish, and many fish species. You can arrange dive trips from Banyuwangi to Tabuhan Island.

4.     Blambangan Museum

Blambangan Museum is located in Banyuwangi. The museum has a lot of displays on local culture and cases of neighborhood batik. The memorial is ancient and will require substantial investment if it pulls tourists. If you’re spending a couple of days seeing Banyuwangi, consider going to the museum since there are several matters of interest to watch. If you’re simply passing through the city quickly, do not add this to a list.

5.     Red Island

The Red Island is 85 kilometers from Banyuwangi. Few tourists visit the island instead, they’re here to the gorgeous shore, relaxed setting, and fantastic surf. There are tons of small hotels and homestays across the shore, therefore it’s likely to remain here for a couple of days. In reality if you merely need a gorgeous beach with few vacationers afterward, the Red Island is really a wonderful spot to go for a short holiday.

6.     Sukamade Beach

Sukamade Beach is located 96 km from Bayuwangi at Meru Betiri National Park. The shore is known as a turtle hatchery. Nearly every day of this year turtles will visit Sukamade Beach to put their eggs. You are able to organize a guided excursion to Sukamade Beach out of Banyuwangi (and it’s most likely among the greatest things to do in Banyuwangi if you go to the region ). On the excursion you sleep overnight at the National Park (the accommodation is basic but clean) and go hiking in the night to find how that the turtles come to lay their own eggs. It is an awesome experience. Learn the best way to pay a stop by to Sukamade Beach here.

7.     Pantai Plengkung

If you like to browse then you need to include Plengkung Beach, frequently known as G-Land in your ‘to do list’ to your visit to Banyuwangi. This can be really a surf break for seasoned users with shallow sea breaks and extended barrel waves. Even the Plengkung Beach is still isolated. There are quite a few surf camps across the shore which you’re able to remain at when you see G-Land. Or you could always pay a stop by to the shore on a day excursion from Bali.

8.     Baluran Savannah

It is a matching description. Even the savannah (Zona Bekol) turns brown in the rainy season, and also the playground is surrounded by one side of the ocean and ringed by hills and Ijen volcano. The garden has a great deal of wildlife. For the very best view of this park, be sure that you scale the watchtower. The ideal time to stop by the National Park is in the daytime or near sunset time. You can join a trip to Baluran National Park together with all the Ijen Midnight Tour.

9.     Hoo Tong Bio Temple

Hoo Tong Bio or even Klenteng Banyuwangi (or any predicted it The Kongco Tan Hu Cin Jin Temple) is among the very few places to See in Banyuwangi. The temple is devoted to Chen Fu Zen and has been constructed in quote 1768–1784. He’s a religious figure for many men and women in the Indonesian community that reside in Bali, East Java, and Lombok. You can Discover More about Chen Fu Zhen Ren with this Wikipedia page.

When you begin to research Banyuwangi you immediately realize how many exciting and fun things you’ll find to perform in and about town. Insert Sukamade Beach and Meru Betiri National Park for your travel destination to get a memorable off the beaten trail adventure. Alternatively, to get an inexpensive beach holiday, Red Island could be precisely what it is you are searching for.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Banyuwangi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.