9 Secrets Of A Long-Lasting Marriage

Marriage, for many, is the peak of a relationship. It is how you know that someone trusts you enough. Proposing and being proposed to are two different experiences that are caused by one mutual feeling for each other: love. However, there’s a daunting presence that may loom behind any marriage which comes in the form of separation.

According to marriage counseling Colorado Springs, not all separations end in divorce and not all couples part ways amicably. However, stats do show that marriages have a chance of falling apart. There are many ways for a couple to actively avoid this and you are about to find out 9 secrets of a long-lasting marriage.

1. Being as communicative as possible

One of the most commonly cited reasons why a marriage fell apart is due to the lack of communication. You have to be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner as they should be able to do the same to you.

2. Finding the middle ground in change or lack thereof

You are not the same person you were a year ago and you won’t be the same person you are right now next year. People change over time. Some change for the better and some change for the worse. Others don’t change the flaws that they developed. Find a middle ground with your partner.

3. Consider the challenge of marriage

Marriage, often romanticized, can be deceiving. Getting married doesn’t solve any problems that you may have had and won’t make you immune to problems in the future. It’s a continuous work.

4. Marry someone with the same financial goals

Constantly moving the goalposts in a relationship is one of the fastest ways to make it deteriorate. That doesn’t mean relationships revolve around money. That simply is a by-product of setting parameters with the quality of life in terms of the financial situations.

5. Look in the past

Looking to your past and your partner’s past can indicate a lot of problems that you may be able to address very early into your marriage. This can be done better through marriage counseling Colorado Springs.

6. Understand that the marriage is between you two and you two only

Marriages can be plagued by spectators in the form of extended family, friends, and peers. Although you should always value the opinion of those you love and care about, never let them directly influence your marriage.

7. Your spouse should be your best friend

Long-term marriages are common for those who marry who they consider their best friend. Logically, that makes the most sense because if you find someone to be pleasant and relatable enough that you consider them your best friend, why wouldn’t you consider staying with them for the rest of your life?

8. Marriage should encourage versatility

Both you and your partner should make the necessary adjustments for each other. Adapting to each other’s preferences can be challenging especially for those with a strong personality, but it is ultimately required for a long-lasting marriage.

9. Love and logic should be parallel

Putting love over logic or vice versa is a recipe for disaster. They should be parallel to one another and you should always make decisions with that in mind. This will help you and your partner avoid making decisions plagued with irrationality.