Are Magnetic Filters Really Worth the Investment

Over time, rust and debris can build up in your central heating system pipes. This can result in a wide range of issues, such as boiler breakdowns and heating systems becoming less efficient. To help prevent these issues from arising, consider using magnetic filters in the central heating system. Read on to find out if magnetic filters are really worth the investment.

What Ares Magnetic Filters?

A magnetic filter is a device designed to help collect the sludge that builds up in your central heating system. The sludge mostly consists of corroded rust particles and often come away from inside radiators and pipes. Magnetic filters are made up of a big magnet that attracts those particles, then filters them out of your system. This will help in preventing blockages and keeping the water flowing through your central heating system. Hydraulic cleanliness is the key to prolonging your hydraulic system.

Why You Need a Magnetic Filter

It is useful when you are capable of spotting the signals that your central heating system can benefit from adding a magnetic filter. For instance, if the bottom of radiators is staying cool but they are hot at the top, this is an indication of a sludge-build up.

Bleeding your radiators on a regular basis to make sure they are hot at the top is also a giveaway. If your boiler is making banging or strange noises or experiencing failures and leaks, this is also a sign of a sludge problem. When removing parts from your boiler, check if there is a lot of dirt. If they’re full of dirt, this indicates that your system has sludge.

If you do not tackle the problem, your central heating system will be less efficient. This means that your carbon footprint will increase and you will pay more in energy bills. Also, you run the risk of needing expensive boiler repairs, plus the lifespan of this device may be reduced. This could also affect your boiler warranty.

Additionally, if your central heating system does not have a magnetic filter, you’ll have to frequently arrange power flushes to remove debris and rust. This process is costly and time-consuming.

Benefits of Fitting a Magnetic Filter to a Boiler

Prolongs Boiler’s Life

Hydraulic cleanliness is essential if you want your boiler to run smoothly for a long period. Installing a magnetic filter in your central heating system prevents the build-up of debris, dirt and other sludge. This means that your boiler will run and heat your home for longer.

Keep Boilers Running Efficiently

An efficient boiler means that your heating system will run comfortably, quickly and in such a way that it will keep your carbon footprint low. Everyone has to do their part when it comes to prolonging the life of Earth.

Help in Reducing Running Costs

Installing a magnetic filter in your central heating system will also keep your boiler running at maximum levels. This means that it will not use more fuel than it actually should. In turn, you will keep your energy bills down.