Are You Highly Skilled? Consider Working In Hong Kong

Under the General Employment Policy (GEP) of Hong Kong, a foreign person may apply for a Hong Kong work visa in order to take up a job locally in HK. In short, the General Employment Policy allows a foreigner to enter HK and work when he possesses some specialized skills that are difficult to find in Hong Kong. Under the criteria below, this person will be favorably considered for a successful application.

The first criteria which is obvious. There must be a job vacancy available at the new employer. The applicant of the HK work visa should have received a job offer confirmation for the position he has applied.

The person who applied must have received no security objection i.e. He should have no known record of serious crime.

The applicant is expected to possess a good education background. The education/qualification to be considered is normally a first degree in the field of the work he’s going to be doing for his new employer in Hong Kong. In certain special scenario, a good technical qualification, a proven professional ability, or a very relevant experience, or some achievements will be considered and accepted. The important thing is to support the findings with by documentary evidence.

The salary package (i.e. remuneration) including his income, accommodation, medical and other additional benefits is broadly commensurate with the prevailing market level for similar professionals in the same industry. You cannot expect to get approved if the package amount looks outrages.

The job that is required to be filled for the employer is a job that cannot easily be taken by a local person who possesses permanent residence.

The applicant who have beenacceptedthroughthe General Employment Policyhas the rights to bring his spouse (i.e. dependant). All he has to do is to apply to bring in his spouse through the dependant visa.

Another scenario involves a non-local student. A non-local student refers to a person who has entered Hong Kong for the purpose of getting education. He would have possessed a student visa while he’s doing his academic studies in one of the universities in HK. Usually the person would be studying an undergraduate or higher qualification in full time while his stay in HK. When he completes his studies, he would be accredited with his degree, and he would be eligible for the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG). Under the IANG, he would be eligible to enter HK before he receives a job offer locally from a Hong Kong company/employer.