Baby Monitor – Is there a Health Risk?

Before you buy a baby monitor, it is necessary to find out if it is dangerous for health. Is there a health risk in using a baby monitor? According to, you can find so many baby monitor products in the market. Most of today’s baby monitor products work wirelessly or use wi-fi connection. You do not want your baby to have a health problem, right? So, let us find out all about the baby monitor and the correlation to the health risk of your baby.

Is there a health risk of using a baby monitor?

When you use a Wifi baby monitor, it means that you are ready for the consequence because wireless baby monitor uses a range of radiofrequency to send data from the camera to the receptor. The radio frequency emitted also depends on the product. Some of the products may cause health issues for your baby.

According to IARC from WHO, any kind of radiofrequency may cause cancer because today’s modern baby monitors utilize FHSS and DECT technology which use a frequency between 1.89 GHz up to 2.4 GHz. It is commonly used on the WiFi network and it may produce a high level of radiation emitted.

What are the health side effects?

We know that the baby’s bone and skull are relatively thin and it is still on the process of growing. Also, the skull has a function to protect the brain that is still developing before the baby gets 20 years old. In fact, a baby’s brain is relatively sensitive to any kind of electromagnetic radiation and it is still vulnerable. Since the baby brain is still growing and developing quickly, small radiation may affect the brain. Meanwhile, when it happens to your baby, it may cause some health issues such as:

  • Disruption of a baby’s sleep cycle
  • Brain development problem
  • Negative impact on the immune system
  • Bad impact on the reproduction system

Nevertheless, today’s technology development cannot prevent us from electromagnetic radiation because radio frequencies are available everywhere and it already becomes our part of life. Even you do not use a wifi baby monitor, there is still a possibility to get exposed to the electromagnetic wave from other devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers, and much more. At least, you have done prevention by not using a baby monitor system or you can use a non-wifi baby monitor that is safer than the Wi-fi one.

How to protect your baby from the radiation?

When you have no option, but you still have to use a baby monitor, you can still have some options to reduce radiation exposure. First of all, you can choose a baby monitor that uses a low frequency. Secondly, you have to place the baby monitor system far from the baby’s bedroom.

Finally, is there a health risk of using a baby monitor? Well, there is always a consequence when using a tool that uses radiofrequency despite it does not affect your baby in a moment. However, you can still do a preventive action by choosing a baby monitor that uses a low radio frequency or place the monitor system away from the baby’s room.