Barrel Pumps Purchasing Guide

What are Barrel Pumps?

This type of pump is used in drums and barrels. They are sometimes called container pumps as well. Before Purchasing a Barrel Pump, First Determine What Your Needs Are Before you buy a barrel pump, it is very important to be aware of what your purpose and requirements are.
Will it be used in a heavy-duty application with a larger vehicle, in different instrumentation, tiny tractors, or field mowers?

Or are you attempting to transfer smaller quantities of liquids and transmission fluids?
Since there are many different kinds of liquids that need to be processed, handled, transported, and transferred, drum pumps are not just used in hydro-based industries. They are also used in automotive shops, manufacturing plants, chemical plants, and other types of cleaning tasks.

How Do Barrel Pumps Work?

It works by the pump being fitted into the drum’s top opening using a narrow tube, that contains a vertical shaft. There is also a small motor on the drum pump that is attached to the shaft and runs on a DC or AC electric motor. High viscosity pump.

  1. Crank-operated pumps
    A rotary hand crank is used by a crank-operated pump to move fluids and get suction. A majority of rotary pumps are made out of metal and come with a metal tube hanging down inside of the instrument that they are mounted to. Cranking the handle results in the fluid in the instrument being sucked up by the pump and moved through a rubber hose and then into a different instrument. Typically, these pumps are mounted to a pall or barrel and can transfer fluids faster than siphon pumps. Crank-operated pumps are some of the best pumps to use. They are ideal to transfer fuel from a fuel tank or drum in a set location. Also, cranked-operated pumps are much cheaper than gas-operated and electrical pumps. So if you are pumping bulk fuel from a drum inside your garage for your mower or truck, a crank-operated can work very well.
  2. Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps
    This type of pump is available in different pumping speeds and voltages. In terms of its basic style, it is very similar to a rotary crank pump. However, an electric motor is used for suction instead of a hand crank. These pumps are mainly used by farmers and construction contractors. These pumps are perfect for farming and industrial applications when a high volume of fuel needs to be quickly transferred.

What To Search For When Choosing a Drum Pump

First determine how you are going to use the pump and select the right major pump type, accessories, motor type, and pump series. Check your application’s compatibility with the drum pump‘s motor, size, viscosity, fluid, chemical type, flow, and head. Make sure that the material on the outer tube is chemically resistant to your drum’s fluid. Choose an air drive or explosion-proof motor if you are pumping combustible or flammable liquid.

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