Maintenance is one of the only means that is initiated to increase the life span of any mechanical appliance or equipment. Anyone that is not properly taken care of will end up not working as supposed after a period and won’t fulfill the purpose of it purchase. The portable air cooler and the swamp cooler have a fan in them, likewise the air conditioner. This fan inserted in them is done from the onset of when the cooling appliance was invented. The purpose of the fan in the cooling appliance is to make sure the atmosphere is cool as it sends cool air to the environment and also helps to make the moisturized air circulates well. As the Air Cooler Fan rolls inside the cooling swamp, it pushes out dust and other allergies away from the environment, and then it sends the cool refined air to an environment that is bacteria-free. 

  When new equipment is gotten, there is always a part where the guide for its use and maintenance is always written so that the equipment will use up to or even more than the life span allocated to it. For instance, the swamp cooler used in an indoor gathering can be maintained in different ways, so that every part of the air cooler will benefit greatly from the clean-up or maintenance. The Air Cooler Fan, when it is about to undergo cleaning should be disengaged from use for about twenty-four (24) hours and after which, it can be cleaned. The fan can be cleaned with a soft napkin and a little bit of wash, after which, rinse thoroughly and sundry the fan. At this point, the next time that the fan will be made use of in the cooling swam after it’s been coupled together will work best as when it was just gotten.  

  One of the outstanding basic ways that have been working really well to keep safe the cooling appliances in so many homes and organizations is by taking proper care of the Air Cooler Fan in the following ways; clean the outer part of the fan to shed off or reduce the accumulated dust at the face of the fan daily at least before use. This is because, if the necessary is not done, it will hinder the fan from releasing friendly air to the atmosphere.