Best Residential Flooring Choice Especially If You Have Aging Adults at Home

If you have aging parents or any other older members at home then you need to take a special care of their movements within the house. There are many cases often reported where an aged person may get hurt due to flooring. 

While visiting any flooring store to choose the flooring material, you must take care of following few things:

  • Slip-resistance: ensure that flooring material offer non-slip surface when wet.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: it should not require too much effort for cleaning and maintaining the flooring.
  • Ease of travel: ensure that the flooring material is quite easy for movement for a person who uses cane, wheel chair or walker
  • Comfort: ensure that flooring material feels better underfoot
  • Cushion: make sure that flooring offers shock absorption if someone falls on them.

Following flooring materials must be avoided particularly for senior citizens:

  • Natural stone

Polished stone surfaces can always be very slippery when it is wet. Also, during winter it can become too cold surface to walk barefoot.

  • Porcelain or ceramic tile

Also, wet tiles can become slippery and quite cold underfoot.

  • Area rugs

Area rugs are also slippery on any hard floors and easily bunch up and create a very serious trip hazard.

Following are the best choices for flooring materials for your home which will also be comfortable for the aged people too. We will discuss both pros and cons of such flooring.

  1. CORETEC Plus vinyl planks

Following are few pros and cons of this type of materials. These materials can also be obtained from Amazon.


  1. Waterproof
  2. Can be cleaned easily
  3. Feels and looks almost like real hardwood
  4. Slip resistant as compared to hardwood flooring.
  5. Can easily be installed over concrete/tile
  6. Relatively economical
  7. Available in various styles and colours 


  1. Costlier than carpet
  2. Offers less cushioning than carpet
  3. Not suitable for steps or bathrooms.
  1. Carpeting

Following are few pros and cons of carpeting.


  1. Warmer
  2. Softer on feet
  3. Less slippery and hence less likely to falling down
  4. Less expensive as compared to any other options for flooring surface.
  5. More cushioning in case even you fall by chance


  1. Quite difficult to maintain and clean
  2. Can get stained over time
  3. Can also be too challenging to traverse in case if any elder member uses wheel chair or walker having wheels.
  1. Cork flooring

Following are few pros and cons of this option:


  1. Easier on the feet
  2. Better shock absorption in case of falling
  3. Better insulation
  4. It can easily be installed on your tile or any other hard surfaces


  1. Though water resistant, but it is not waterproof as CORETEC plus is
  2. Costlier than CORETEC plus
  3. Little more difficult to maintain.
  4. It is necessary to be little careful while choosing cleaning products and you must ensure that water should not soak in.  
  5. Very limited colour and style choice.

You can find all the above types of flooring from online by visiting at the following website: