Best Standard in HDB Interior Design For Your Bathroom

Interior design is a living, changing animal, and if we are not alert we may find that we have become outdated.It happens to all of us that as certain years pass we get tired of seeing and using the same bathroom every day.It is one of the rooms in the house that we use the most, so we must be comfortable with it.The bathroom is a room that can become very outdated in a few years if you don’t know how to choose the correct style and finishes.

Reform your bathroom

Most of the partial renovations that take place in a home are in bathrooms and kitchens, and when it comes to comprehensive renovations, these two spaces are the ones that usually give both the client and the contractor the greatest headaches.

The best solution to make an optimal change in your bathrooms is to have an architect or interior designer who can make a design for life.

Respect the distances

It is clear that each bathroom, as a space, can be very different from another, especially by size.

We give you some advice that you should not forget.

Reform your bathroom

When designing and organizing a bathroom we must always take into account the spaces that each of the sanitary devices needs, for example, the area where the toilet is placed should never be less than 60 cm wide and 1.20 cm wide bottom, or a shower should never be less than 60 × 60 cm and it is recommended that it does not fall below 80 × 80.

Other than that, it is important to take into account the space the door takes up (normally 62cm wide) when opening.

The importance of lighting

The lighting in our bathroom is very important.Although some bathrooms have windows, which mean better lighting and ventilation in the bathroom, it is true that many bathrooms are indoors and do not have any source of natural lighting.

Reform your bathroom

Bathrooms must always have general overhead lighting, whether or not they have windows, but to achieve a better illuminated bathroom it is advisable to place spot lighting in the mirrors, in the form of wall lights, and, in the case of large bathrooms, lighting from accentuation in the shower.

Stylized knobs in shower and bathtub

Shower curtains are outdated and really don’t quite do their job.In recent times it seems that shower curtains are no longer sold, every day it is less common to see a curtain in a shower or bathtub.

Reform your bathroom

This has a clear reason for being, the screens have been perfected over the years to be the perfect product for shower enclosures.The alternatives they offer are almost limitless, from the placement of a simple fixed glass to sliding corner screens, no matter how your bathroom is, there is always a screen for it.But there is a factor that we should never overlook, the opening of the screen should not be less than 40cm and whenever possible a step of 50cm or more should be left.

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