Can A Chiropractor Fix Your Scoliosis?


Your spinal column should be aligned up and down. If it looks like it’s forming the shape of letter C or S, then it’s highly likely to be scoliosis — a condition that affects around five to seven million Americans. And depending on its severity, it can actually be cured without surgery and only through the help of an experienced chiropractor Vero Beach FL.

By The Numbers

Scoliosis is the most common form of spinal deformity. Roughly 85% of scoliosis cases have no definite cause; in the remaining percentage, the cause can be attributed to one’s genes, other diseases like osteoporosis, or simply, old age.

Around 90% of people with scoliosis aren’t required to undergo surgery in order to treat their condition. Generally, no intervention is even needed if a case is only considered to be mild — meaning, the curve is way less than 60 degrees. So if you have scoliosis and your case is not severe, having questions like “Is there a chiropractor near me to help me treat my condition?” Is only acceptable.

How Chiropractors Can Help

Generally speaking, a chiropractor Vero Beach FL can help you heal by decreasing the curvature, reducing disability and minimizing the pain you feel due to scoliosis. Medical experts who are in this field are equipped with the necessary knowledge to identify musculoskeletal issues and conditions.

When you seek help from a chiropractor, you’ll also benefit by receiving and learning the following:

Strengthening your core

Strengthening your support joints

Increasing your ability to take deep breaths to help improve circulation

Staying active and functional without aggravating the symptoms of your condition

Indicators That Chiropractors Consider

Before a chiropractor Vero Beach FL treats a scoliosis patient, he or she looks for the following indicators first:

Spinal stiffness. By knowing how stiff your spinal cord is, your chiropractor can have an idea as to how much amount of work is needed to reduce spinal curvature. When identifying spinal stiffness, he or she goes beyond your discs and bones and muscles — he or she also examines how much tension is being taken by the nerves in this part of your body. A chiropractor can help take this pressure off your nerves to aid you in your recovery.

Sensorimotor integration. This analyzes your brain-and-body interaction. In the field of medicine, scoliosis can be considered a consequence of your brain failing to communicate with the other parts of your body. To treat this condition, the “rewiring” of your brain must be undertaken.

Patient’s dedication. Your journey towards scoliosis recovery isn’t only dependent on your chiropractor (or surgeon or therapist) — a huge factor is your own determination and commitment. Through your dedication, you can help your mind and body achieve your doctor’s target amount of progress within a specific time frame. Many aspects of chiropractic care need to be accomplished beyond the confines of the clinic — like exercising or maintaining a recommended diet; therefore it’s of utmost importance that you should also help yourself.