Cheap Tricks and Tips to Keep You Car Looking Like New

Your car should be spoiled like he’s part of the family. Because he’s been accompanying you for years, taking you around without a word. You have gone to the beach to the mountains; with him, you have explored many villages of the south, and you have discovered the decadent charm of the north streets. He is always diligent, willing, obedient.

All these adventures can cause some scratches, small spots of rust, the germ of an incipient wet whiff. But the time has come to work a little to give your car back its freshness. By using expensive tools? Not at all. Instead, using the natural products and homemade tricks that won’t cost you a penny. It’s time to return the favor and leave it as if you’d just taken it out of the dealership. Here are a few cheap tricks:

Remove scratches and scuffs with wax

Simple, fast, and cheap, for less than 20 bucks. You have to grind, but the result is spectacular. Just apply it with a dry microfiber cloth with circular movements. And for deeper scratches, you can get paint of the same color as the body, either liquid, marker or spray -and always making sure the numbering of the puncture is the same- and apply a thin layer with care and detail, removing the excess with a wet cloth.

Baby wipes for airborne stools

There is little more corrosive than the ‘gifts’ that birds share with your car, usually right after you’ve taken it out of the car wash. Because of its acidity, it dries in the sun. The heat of the bodywork, the excrement, and the paint become a single entity that draws a fence around the bug’s waste. So before it becomes a sturdy and immovable sticker, it should be removed with a baby wipe. Its soapy composition will wipe away the debris more effectively than any other wipe.

Boiling water to remove dents

Another trick, although this one looks like a witch’s brew. On the one hand, you heat a few liters of water to its boiling point. On the other hand, a bowl is prepared with about the same amount of ice water. First, the bun is sprinkled with the hot water and, immediately afterward, with the cold water. Due to the sharp contrast, and by tapping the plate slightly, the dent will ‘jump,’ leaving the body as good as new. You can also try to purchase and use a paintless dent removal tools for bigger dents you can find good options at this website.

Oven cleaning foam for the rims

Why not, if it’s also a metal surface? The rims are one of the car’s outer parts that suffer the most and lose their shine first. But it’s easy to give it back: just apply the typical oven cleaner foam and leave it on for a couple of minutes and then wipe it off with a cloth. The effect is immediate and surprising, without even having to rub your hands together.

Transparent headlights with a little toothpaste

The dust, the sand, and the sun’s rays all contribute to the car’s headlights becoming, over time, increasingly opaque. Change them? It’s not necessary. Polishing them is very simple, using toothpaste. With a wet cloth, spread the toothpaste in a circular pattern, rubbing it in for a few minutes, and then removing it with a dry cloth.

Ammonia for glass and dashboard

Well reduced with soap and water, the ammonia removes any trace of dirt from the dashboard and steering wheel. It also restores the shine to metal parts and windows and mirrors. You will always have to apply very little and do so carefully, though. Remember that it is a very corrosive product.

Apply these tricks on your car, and you will soon get it looking like it is brand new. If you have tried these tricks leave a comment bellow with your experience.