Common Rummy mistakes made by beginners

Rummy is a simple card game. As long as you are using the right strategy, the learning process will become a whole lot of fun. You will come across situations and experiences that will help you improve your rummy skills. All you need is a passion for the game. However, if you want to become a professional player, you need to avoid making common mistakes. In this article, we have laid down the top 10 mistakes made by beginners while playing the rummy game.

  1. Not able to arrange the cards – Many beginners fail to organize their cards according to the requirements. If you don’t get hold of your cards during the first move, you can get in trouble and put your whole game at risk. If you are experiencing this problem, you might accidentally discard a card that could have been the show card.
  2. Failing to follow the strategy – There are several strategies for playing the game safe and different methods for arranging the cards. At the start of the game, you will decide on a strategy according to the group of cards you have. Arrange them in sequence and sets and accordingly discard the cards.
  3. Not discarding high-value cards – Having high-value cards can be costly for you. If you are playing around with them and your opponent declares before you, you might end up with a very heavy-handed score. 
  4. Getting rid of the wild card – As a beginner, you might not understand how important the wild card (joker) can be in a rummy game. It is important that you get enough information regarding the rules before you start playing.
  5. Making errors – As a beginner player, planning and arranging the cards according to the requirements might be difficult. If you are one such person, you should practice online rummy games and discard the cards that are not adding value to your game. Or else, this mistake might end your game without even declaring a show.
  6. Getting confused between purse sequence and sequence – In every rummy game, there is a printed joker and a wild card joker that is picked randomly after distributing the cards. The sequence of 4 or 4 cards that is formed without using the joker card is known as the pure sequence while the sequence that includes the wild card is simply called a sequence.
  7. Playing for money without any practice – If you are a beginner before you head on to rummy tables where players play for real cash, you should begin with playing free online games. There are several platforms available for you that you can use for understanding how rummy is played by different minds. You will also get the experience of dealing with the twists and turns of rummy.
  8. Lagging in making decisions – As a beginner, you have to take part in more and more practice tables so that you can improve your speed to draw and discard games. By playing on practice tables, you are improving your gaming skills slowly. 
  9. Declaring show without verifying – The most common mistake made by a beginner in the rummy game is declaring the wrong show. You will have 80 points added to your score that will end your chances of winning. What you have to do is keep rearranging the cards and be extra careful while placing the show. Just one wrong card in the set or sequence can make you lose the game, even if you are so close to winning.
  10. Letting your emotions cloud your judgment – Rummy is a game based on skills. You have to use your intelligence to play the game, not your emotions. If you don’t approach it wisely, you won’t have a rewarding experience. Also, you have to track the money you have spent and lost playing the game. It is very important that you set a limit for the money you can lose in a cash rummy game. In case you have a losing spree, you have to stop for the day and avoid chasing the losses.
  11. Not keeping a track on other players – Apart from playing your own game, you also have to observe the game of your opponents. Track what cards they are picking and discarding for estimating their card form. At the beginner’s stage, it might be difficult for you to track their moves. However, with practice, you will be able to predict their hand moves like a professional.
  12. Discarding cards without any strategy – Many beginner players don’t have an understanding of the game strategy. They end up discarding random cards that are not helping them cut down their score. However, this could tell your opponents exactly what they need to know. Instead, you need to use a strategy for forming the sequence and discard cards accordingly. This way, you will have a winning impact.
  13. Overvaluing your playing skills

Once you have played several games, you might think that you know the game well. You will start blaming bad cards for your losses, instead of the wrong moves. In some cases, it might be correct. But, if it becomes a repetitive practice, it is highly likely that you are over evaluating your playing skills. Many times when players think that they are good, it is far-fetched from reality.

  1. Not having the right attitude

Thanks to the popularity of the online rummy game, more and more players have started joining the online table. So, the player who is in front of you at the table can be a beginner, an intermediary, or a professional player. A common mistake you can make as a beginner is the attitude that you display while playing rummy. Having an ego and acting rude while playing the game can distract you which will result in you losing the game. It is best for you to have a calm and pleasant attitude while playing rummy. It will help you concentrate on the game and stay focused. 

  1. Being too rigid

As a rummy player, you will be focused on getting the right hand. You might memorize a short and simple list of playable hands and try to win by that and wouldn’t move away from it. And it is perfect for beginners to get started with the game. But, you have to stop being too rigid. Since you lack the experience of a professional player, you might not be able to judge a good game unfolding. So, one of the mistakes you can avoid is following a rigid structure. It will alert your opponent about your playing style and make you miss out on good opportunities.

The game of Rummy might look easy from the outside. But, if you are not careful, you might end up losing a lot of money. This is a fast-paced game. Even professional players are prone to making mistakes. So, before you start playing the game, make sure that you know these common mistakes. This way, you will have a better chance of winning the online game of rummy for cash.