Considering The Different Aspects Of Sizing Of The Big Size Suits

If you are tall and broad you will need to select a suit that is of the right size. It will not be enough to but extra-large suit. You will need to know the different aspects of sizing when you choose big size suits. First of all, you must know that all types of suits are measured and sized by the chest and length. For example, if you choose a 147R size suit, the number in the beginning indicates that your chest measures 147 cm. ideally, your chest happens to be the widest part of your body. Therefore, start with your chest to choose the right jacket.

Size of the trousers

Next, you should consider the size of the trousers. While doing so you must consider you tummy. If you choose a 147R suit for you 147 cm chest but have a 160 cm tummy, you will not be able to button up the suit. When it comes to trousers. Almost every trouser will have a 12 cm drop apart from the stout suits. This means that your 147R suit will come with trouser that has a 135 cm waist size. Stout suits, on the other hand, will come with trousers that will have the same size as the jacket.

Know the letters

The letters are the size chart indicate the length and fit. There can be a single letter or two letters written in upper case. For example, R implies regular length. This length is suitable for men having a height between 5’10” and 6’2”. SH denotes short length and are meant for men who are of 5’10” or smaller. ST indicates stout fit and are designed for men having the same chest and pant size. Lastly, XL denotes extra-long or tall fit. These are suitable for men over 6’2”. For all these sizes, the pants will have a 12 cm drop approximately.

Suit selection guidelines

If you are over 6’2” and slim, you will be considered tall. However, you may not have muscular upper body or broad shoulders. Wrong suit choice can spoil your look even more. Therefore, choose a suit three-button jacket having a narrow lapel. The neckline of this is smaller and will give a more voluminous look to the upper body. You can also try large checks and if you wear a tie make sure that it is wider. The trousers should not have any serve. This will make you look more impressive.