Convert EPUB to MOBI

Small margin: I described here on the blog at the time how to convert different eBook formats and also bring them to Kindle. It’s not that great rocket science anymore. You can send your own documents to the Kindle and of course there is also the great Сalibre, which not only converts epub files, but also manages the fun well and brings it to the Kindle without any problems. If Сalibre is too powerful, there is also epubtomobi, which is Windows software that is free.

Now I got embarrassed to bring an epub to Kindle without my own computer, so I didn’t have a Сalibre at hand and didn’t want to install any other software on other computers. It occurred to me again: there is still aAnyConv. Converts everything to anything, including epub to mobi. Two files can be converted in parallel, without registration and free of charge, allowing 60 conversions per hour. There are umpteen such services, with AnyConv I always had good experiences from my memory. Upload epub – get mobi.

If you want to send a PDF from your email address to Kindle, you must first allow this address and file it with Amazon. This option is located under My content and devices> Settings> Personal documents settings in the “Email list for approved personal documents”. Here you add your email address.

If you send a PDF or other supported file form to your Kindle address, the document will land on Kindle and can be read there.