Cooler Master SL600M Review

Cooler Master SL600M was the most awaited casing as it promised a lot. Using the 200 mm fans it guaranteed a configurable airflow with chimney effect. The directional fans allow the device to be cool with high CFM. Hot air like other power CPUs does rise, but with blasted fans that throw air in every direction, the device remains cool. However, it is not sure whether the chimney effect by the cooler master is the right marketing point. It does remain one of the best-tested casing thermally.

The improvement is not just in the airflow but also in the way air is distributed. In the given price this is the right cooler master for professional gamers.

Build Quality

The interior of SL600M is as less as possible to allow airflow completely. The casing has space at both bottom and top for fan mounts. The consideration could have been better with moving the large fans at the top of the fan. The legs of the case are extra-long to allow the intake from the bottom, keeping it lifted at least 5.5 cm from the bottom. There will be a full-length radiator installed which does not allow the PSU converter to be extended to its full length.

The front panel of USB ports is illuminated with LEDs. It can be overkill for some gamers but will help in finding the port in a dark room. These LEDs have a sensor which responded from at least 30 inches away. It means that anyone would be able to get these LEDs working easily in a dark room.

There is normal SSD mount at the back of the motherboard but the combination can cause some clutter to those looking for more than one SSD. There is a metal plate at the top which could be removed and lifted for more airflow. Users who are strictly focused on the looks of the casing may not be able to take the advantage of this. Do check out a few cost-effective Razer headphones if you are planning for a full gaming setup.

Thermals and Noise Testing

We already have mentioned the Chimney effect of the cooler master a lot of times. The idea is rather than pushing the air from the front to back which slows down the process it is better to push the air from bottom to top. The vertical GPU configuration didn’t change much and allowed the smooth airflow. The fan is pretty smooth and works without any noise. With powerful fans installed, the noiseless feature is a great addition.