Debunking Online Casino Myths

The past year has seen a huge rise for some of the biggest online casino operators as many seek out virtual alternatives, but the biggest services have been growing for a much longer period of time as this list of casinos for example continue to be amongst the most played – but with the new players and growing interest comes a lot of different myths too as players look to justify a bad night or low pay-out, but which of these big online casino myths can be debunked and which may hold a little truth?

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Some strategies can help determine if a win is close – There’s the age-old classics that many turns to are games like the slots, and there had always been the belief that keeping an eye on the machine could help find out if a win is close by based on how it has been played so far. Whilst this myth may still remain for offline land-based machines, the same can’t be true for online services, and all modern options rely on RNG software to determine the outcome and as such is certainly not a strategy for playing. With many different varieties to the online slot machines too that pay-out in a different way, it’s important to keep this in mind.

Other strategies can help you win – Much like the slots, many like to attribute big wins to a certain strategy whether that’s a certain betting strategy or simply a certain way of playing. Particularly with online services, however, this same RNG software that’s present in slot machines is present in many other games too – whilst there may be some approaches that can be of a small benefit, it’s a growing myth that following certain strategies can help you win in many of the other more popular games. Be wary of the big tips and tricks that you see around, as they may lead you into a false sense of security for certain games.

Service will change if you start winning – The biggest of the myths to hit online casinos has been within whether or not your service will change based on how you’re performing – reports that games will slow down or even stop working entirely, or that some services will even block access if you start winning have always revolved around the services. Not only is this against the best interests of the services you play at, but also logistically makes no sense at all – these reports of things like this happening are typically down to a bad device.

You’ll encounter plenty of other myths during your time playing at the big online services, many of these are just that though and are myths, stick to playing your own game and enjoy your time playing most of all.