Difference between N95 masks and surgical masks

Masks are all same according to many people but they differ in their composition and the materials they are made up of. Similarly, there are various masks available in the market used by the people based on the requirement.

There are some of the people who are advised by the doctors to use masks for the proper maintenance of their life and in this category major role is played by those people who have some lung-related diseases and some of those who have breathing problems in certain situations.

There are two different types of masks available in the market. Both of them are best and are present in a suitable place. These two masks are surgical mask and KN95 mask. However, both of them are considered as one of the best masks but when put in a situation, which does not belong to either of them then both of them, fail to prove them.


The surgical masks fail to fight against those germs that are smaller in their size and even in the case of gases and vapors whereas the N95  masks are helpful even in the case of smaller particles. However, they fail in fighting against the harmful gases and vapors that not only enter the body of the wearer but also affect them in an adverse manner.

These masks belong to different places and cannot take the place of each other as one is used at the places where patients are treated that are in the hospitals and the other is used in industries where person deals with small particles.

The surgical masks are helpful while doing surgeries and while meeting a person in the hospital that is infected by the disease. These masks help to protect against those germs as they can only spread through sneezing or by either touching or coughing on the face of a person. These diseases needs protection but can be avoided by keeping the distance.

The surgical masks have three layers of filters, which help them to fight against the germs but are mainly made up of cloth, which makes them easy to use. These masks are loose in fitting and due to this reason sometimes become harmful if used in some other place. These masks are avoided in any other place as they are of no use to any person and cannot be proved helpful when used by someone.


The N95 masks are best-suited masks in industries and are specially designed in such a manner that they can protect the bigger and smaller particles entering the body. They do not have multiple layers to protect the person whereas they use a single layer that is much powerful to fight against the germs and bacteria so that the person does not face any health issues and suffer from any disease. These masks are having a layer, which traps the small particles from entering the mouth or nose and affecting the body, but they fail in fighting against the harmful gases and vapors.