Durian Season in Singapore: What’s the “Craze” All About?

If we head out to Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, then it is impossible not to hear about the durian craze. Hailed as the “King of Fruits”, durian remains to be a favourite among the locals. Even though it has a reputation of being the smelliest fruit in the world, Singaporeans love its exotic flavour.

Durian: Love it or Hate it

When we come across a large piece of durian, the first thing that we would notice is the strong smell. Most first-timers would describe the smell as too pungent for the nose. It is not something that one would like to be wafting in their homes. Some even described the smell to a rotting fish and stinking socks. This is how most Westerners view the unusual fruit.

However, others beg to differ. The indescribable smell is something aromatic to them, but what makes it appealing to other people is its distinctive taste. The flavour was even likened to custard with a hint of onions. Some thought that it has a cheese-like flavour. Despite the negative connotations about durian, lots of people are still craving for it. These include the locals of Singapore!

Durian Season in Singapore

Since durian is loved by many, there is even a durian season! Online deliverypricesstart to drop as the season nears, so the locals would not miss the chance to get their hands on this unique-smelling fruit.

Once the durian season starts, expect prices for premium varieties like Mao Shan Wang would be as low as $18 per kg. The durian prices online hit a huge drop this 2020 even though there is still COVID-19. It was even reported in Channel News Asia. that the demand for durian hasn’t dampened.  In fact, online durian delivery requests surged as soon as the durian season started. Most families could not go out of their homes due to the coronavirus, so most would just resort to online ordering.

Durian Imports from Malaysia and Thailand

In Singapore, the start of the durian season is around June. It is usually the time when the supply from Malaysia starts to increase. Singapore usually imports durian from Malaysia because it is a neighbouring country. Moreover, durian is a native fruit in Malaysia that is why many plantations exist there to produce different varieties of durian.

However, the supply for durian in Malaysia starts to decrease. This year, even though they received many from different countries like Singapore and China, the supply began to dwindle around the middle of July. Usually, it would only go down around the end of August. The durians are selling out fast, and there are little to no durians left to harvest. Because of this problem, it is a good thing that the Singapore market doesn’t just import from Malaysia. They also got their supply of durian from Thailand.

Thailand is considered as one of the countries that exports durian to Singapore. Most online durian deliveries offer Thai durian because of its wide varieties. You could find a Monthong (Gold Pillow), Chanee(Gibbon), Kanyao(Long Stem), and a whole lot more! The best thing about Thai durian is that it is on par with the premium-priced Malaysian durian “Mao Shan Wang”, especially the Kanyao variety.

Whyis Mao Shan Wang Popular in Singapore?

In this article, we have mentionedMao Shan Wang several times already because of its popularity. Ever wonder why it is the most sought-after durian variety in Singapore? It started in 2010 when a prominent gambling figure named, Stanley Ho, got a taste ofMao Shan Wang during his visit to Singapore. He was invited over for the opening of the Marina Bay Sands at that time.

Since he was fond of the aroma and taste ofMao Shan Wang, he bought lots of it and brought it back to Hong Kong, which is his hometown. He was a prominent individual who had connections with other billionaires and philanthropists so he shared to them how incredible this exotic fruit is. Since these men are influential figures, they always get interviewed. During these interviews, they would share how everyone should try the Mao Shan Wang. This is how this durian variety became very popular in Asia.

It was thanks to the interviews that the press coverage that the Mao Shan Wang became one of the most premium varieties in the market. Back then, you could buy it for just S$8! Now, thedurian pricescould reach almost S$20 per kg! There was even a time that the Mao Shan Wangdurian price became almost S$40 per kg in the market! Imagine, how expensive a single fruit is!

Durian is Not Allowed in Public Transportation Lines

Despite the popularity of durian among the locals, you cannot bring the fruit if you are planning to hitch a ride on the train. The Singaporean government has banned the fruit from public transport because of its strong smell. Most taxis even put up a sign that they would now allow anyone to get a ride if they are bringing along a durian fruit.

Although eating durian is restricted in public transport, this would not stop the locals from ordering and enjoying the exotic fruit. Some would even order it even though it is not yet the durian season just to satisfy their cravings.

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