Everything You Should Know About Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders are brand advocates who are experts and help market their opinions further in clients’ eyes. Most people claim that KOLs and influencers perform similar roles. KOLs are essential to a brand because recommendations are essential to its growth. Below is a discussion of all you should know about Key Opinion Leaders.

Key Opinion Leaders Brands Should Look Out For

  1. Arianna Huffington

She is the creator of the Huffington Post. She has built a brand that shows her traits as a leader. Arianna has worked at the publication as the CEO and chief editor for 12 years. She is a renowned author with over 16 books in her name. Arianna has a tremendous social media pulling with 3.5 million followers on Twitter.

  1. Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist from Canada who has over six published books. He has written for The New Yorker magazine for more than 25 years, gaining massive influence in the sociology department. Among his most recognized achievements was his selection to the Order of Canada. Malcolm also runs a podcast show.

  1. Justin Ezarik

Justin Ezarik is among the few influencers who appeal to both business leaders and consumers. She is a tech enthusiast who built her brand through YouTube. She has 7 million subscribers. Justin has always been a tech lover throughout her life, creating her first website at 13 years.

  1. Lolly Daskal

Lolly is well-known, especially in the leadership and development field. She has a blog that publishes leadership articles. Lolly is the president of a global coaching company, and she has a book titled “Leadership Gap” that shares tips to become a good leader.

Advantages of Marketing Using a Key Opinion Leader

KOL marketing allows you to influence an aimed market in your field. It also makes your brand more credible by word of mouth to a bigger crowd. There are two types of commendations:

  • High-impact- these are commendations from persons you trust such as family.
  • Low-impact- these are commendations from a less-credible person.

A study has proved that high-impact commendations will have a sale than low-impact commendations. You will have better recommendations if you create a trustworthy relationship with these KOLs.

Best Tools Companies Should Use to Simplify Research and Get Positive Insights

Brands use market research to understand their market better. It would help if you had the right tools to make use of the market data. Below are some tools.

  1. Google Analytics

It is possible to get research data from your clients without engaging them with this tool. Google Analytics gives you a great deal every time they browse your website. It is a free and straightforward tool with a dashboard that enables you to access important insights. There are several tools in the market, but Google Analytics will meet all your needs.

  1. Call recording software

In-Depth Interviews are the new wave, along with exit surveys. The call recording software is important, especially if you use your phone for IDIs. This tool acquires and stores data in a modern file. You can retrieve these recordings, play them, and make them accessible to everyone. You can create better data searchability by using this tool along with transcription.

NetBase Quid Services

NetBase Quid is a next-gen consumer platform that will deliver insights that show market trends. It uses AI to extract millions of resources from all data forms to help make intelligent decisions that will push it forward.

A Key Opinion Leader is a professional who helps markets a brand’s services to their crowds since most people believe them. They are important to any company’s set-up because they help it grow.