Facts About the e-cig that you Need to Know

Smoking industry is known for its ability to attract so many smokers. In the past, we only had the traditional cigars alone. They were made out of very cheap technology. This meant that some individuals could even make their own cigars at home. All they needed to do is to get a tobacco plant which is actually planted locally. They will then look for the flammable paper and wrap the tobacco in it and then lit the paper. That is how simple the smoking was. However, now that this has been seen to pollute the environment and disturb people who might not be interested in the aerosols produced from direct burning of tobacco, the companies have gone ahead and come up with the electronic cigars. These cigars are advanced as compared to the ones that were traditionally smoked. Since these ones are electronic, you can therefore expect them to be effective than the traditional ones. It is simply a gadget that is the same size as an electronic gadget only that it is a little bit special in that it uses power for its operations. It is fitted by a battery that is meant to produce power that is necessary for heating processes. The following are some of the other important components of this e-cig that you really need to know about;

  • Liquid tobacco
  • Sensor
  • Heating element

Liquid tobacco

As opposed to the traditional cigar whereby the cigar was fitted with the dry tobacco, the electronic cigar has a small tank that is supposed to be filled with the liquid tobacco. It is this liquid tobacco that is supposed to be heated to vaporization point so as it can produce the desired vapor which the smoker is supposed to inhale. This liquid is bought from the professionals who are producing it. You therefore need to have your liquid so as you can keep on adding more to the reservoir from time to time once you realize that its level has dropped.


The unique thing about e-cig is that it has a powerful sensor that is very close to the mouthpiece. Its role is to detect your intention to smoke. The moment you place your mouth close to it, it will trigger the heating processes of the gadget and within a short period of time, the electronic cigar will be able to produce the steam that is meant to be inhaled.

Heating element

Traditionally, the traditional cigars were lit directly by the use of the match stick. This is so different with the e-cig. This is because of the fact that heating in this later cig is done electronically. The gadget has a battery that is meant to produce power that also enabled the heater to heat the liquid that is in the reservoir so as steam can be produced. After the production of the steam, it can then be inhaled by the vapor. This is the mechanism that the electronic cigars are working on to enable the smokers gain the desired vapor.