Finer Options for the Best Scottish Clothing Now

One advantage is that the kilt dries quickly, and in the evening it was often used in Scotland instead of a plaid. At the time of the battle, this item of clothing quickly took off so that nothing would interfere with movement. Subsequently, the size of the kilt began to change. From large, it was transformed into small, which became even more convenient to use and wear. Along with the best best tartan stash you can find the best choices now.

Features of Scotland clothing

The Scottish national costume, a photo of which can be seen on the Internet, can indeed be considered unique. It is represented by the following elements:

  • kilt
  • necessarily wide belt with a beautiful buckle
  • sporran
  • jacket made of tweed material
  • Celtic beret
  • Bruga
  • Haws equipped with flushes that resemble leg warmers in appearance. 

The fabric from which they sew the Scots costume with their own hands is called tartan. A certain ornament consisting of strips of vertical and horizontal character is applied to such material. It is worth noting that each costume of a noble Scottish gentleman is distinguished by its special coloring. 

Kilt is always supplemented with sporran (waist bag-purse). And by such an element of the outfit, one could judge the status of the person himself. Wealthy people living in abundance decorated it with fur inserts and metal ornaments. The Scots pay special attention in their image to the shoes and the laces with which it is fixed. The best kilt flashes can be perfect there.

The national Scottish outfit is represented by several options. This is not only a men’s suit, but a women’s and children’s one. Moreover, each product may differ in its color scheme, the particularity of the fabric used and the presence of certain accessories. Particular importance is given to the Scottish kilt cell, which is called tartan. It is through it that one or another clan to which a person belongs can be recognized. The fabric pattern, consisting of the intersection of certain horizontal and vertical lines, plays a special role in creating the national costume of every Scotsman.

Scottish men’s suit

The traditional costume of a man has its own specific features. It is impossible to imagine such an outfit without the following features:

Lack of underwear

In fact, a true Scot who respects his traditions will never wear underwear under a kilt, wearing it was considered bad form. This is the rule that men of conservative thinking try to follow.


The Scottish casual style consists of a regular shirt that resembles a linen shirt. A tweed jacket of strictly classic cut is thrown over it, which does not reach the line of the hips.

Snow-white shirt

If there is any celebration or going out, then a snow-white shirt is put on instead of a shirt. It can be complemented by a bow tie and a traditional vest.


This is the main element, which is a cape skirt, which is necessarily made out by a certain cell and, if necessary, can be transformed into a plaid, cloak or cape.

Accessories for legs

Most often, on the Scots legs, in addition to the kilt, you can see knee-high socks. Their coloring will depend on the clan to which the man belongs. Brogs are put on legs. They are leather shoes equipped with long laces.