Five Advantages Of Working At Height

Rope access techniques have many advantages for carrying out specific jobs, especially for the possibility of reaching points of difficult access. The operators of work at height are true acrobats, and they carry out their work suspended in the air, hanging from a double rope system.

Rope access London is capable of carrying out any type of work at height. These techniques facilitate work such as the rehabilitation, cleaning and maintenance of facades and structures, without the need for scaffolding, speeding up the development of these works.

Although it may seem dangerous, the truth is that working at height is safer than you think. Given the risk involved, especially when falling at a different height, strict safety protocols are in place, which all companies working at height must strictly comply with. In addition, rope access techniques have benefits such as:

  1. Savings

The installation of scaffolding or large structures is not necessary, thus minimizing the costs and time necessary to carry out the work. Therefore, achieving a reduction in the price of the service, which translates into significant savings for the client.

  1. Functionality

It is a practical system and does not cause noise or discomfort. It is a simple method of easy assembly, which allows finishing jobs quickly and efficiently.

  1. Safety

Systems to carry out work at height are becoming more advanced, guaranteeing the safety of operators. Risks for assembly and collection of large infrastructures are minimized. The technicians are anchored to a double rope system with numerous protection mechanisms. In the event of a fall, the technician would be anchored to the second safety rope, descending normally or performing an emergency rescue.

  1. Efficacy

They reach points of difficult access quickly, making it possible to carry out work in these areas in record time, but also with rope access techniques, points are reached that cannot be accessed with any other measure.

  1. Operational

They greatly reduce the times of completion of the works, reaching inaccessible points and, in addition, do not cause any kind of discomfort.