Five most expensive places to buy property in West Sussex

5. Billingshurst

The village of Billingshurst is located in the Horsham District of West Sussex. Where two main roads namely, the A27 and the A29 cross you will find the village of Billingshurst. Pulborough and Horsham are both less than 6 miles away from Billingshurst. Just under 9000 people are living in Billingshurst and the village covers an area of7,952 acres. Billingshurst translates as a wooded hill of Billa’s people and its origin is from Anglo-Saxon. St Mary’s Church is sited on a sandstone hill approximately where the historical centre of the village once was. An up market property can cost in the region of 3 million pounds even to a property cash buyer.

4. East Grinstead

Near the East Sussex, Surrey, and Kent borders in West Sussex is the town of East Grinstead. It is less than 30 miles from London and less than 40 miles from Chichester while Brighton is only 20 miles away. The population is just below 30,000 and the town covers an area of2,443.45 hectares. Other towns in the region include places such as Horly, Crawley, Redhill, Tunbridge Wells and Reigate. Interestingly until 1974 East Grinstead was part of East Sussex. But then the town was joined together with Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath to form the Mid-Sussex district of West Sussex. A property can cost approximately $3.2 million pounds.

3. Sharpthorne

In the Mid Sussex District of West Sussex there is also the village of Sharpthorne. This village is less than 4 miles from East Grinstead. There is a731 yards long tunnel underneath the village through which the Bluebell Railway runs. This is one of the longest tunnels in England. Some places of interest in the region is Blackland Farm Girlguiding UK, Priest House and Borde Hill Lane. Properties can cost $3.3 million pounds.

2. Haywards Heath

Also located in Mid Sussex District of West Sussex is the town of Haywards Heath. It is just over 30 miles from Chichester, 13 miles from Gatwick Airport, and 14 miles from Brighton and less than 40 miles from London. Other towns in the region are places such as East Grinstead, Crawley, Horsham and Burgess Hill. Haywards Heath is one of the commuter towns surrounding London. Employment opportunities in the surrounding area is limited and most of them are agriculture related and this is why most of the people commute to one of the surrounding towns where they are employed. A property in Haywards Heath can cost 5.9 million pounds.

1. Horsham

The market town of Horsham is on the upper reaches of the River Arun. It is just over 18 miles from Brighton and 26 miles from Chichester. London is just over 30 miles away. Other towns in the region include places such as Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Crawley. Horsham is the administrative centre of the Horsham district. In the Horsham District Council area Horsham is the largest town. According to statistics the heaviest hailstone ever to fall in the UK was recovered in Horsham. A property will cost 6.5 million pounds.