Five Public Speaking tactics To Help Connect With Your Audience

Giving a fluent speech is still a dream of many. Most people stumble and get scared while delivering it to their audience. But there is a solution to all the problems. You can be a phenomenal speaker by following some of the tactics explained below.

An example of a public speaker is Karen Mccleave Torontobased lawyer. Karen Mccleave is always keen on planning and practicing whenever he has to deliver a speech in public even though she has done it a dozen times.

Some of the tactics to help you connect with your audience are:-

Know your audience:

The foremost thing is to know your audience. Get an idea to whom you are delivering your speech. If you are to do it in front of the board of directors, then you need to be more formal in your tone. On the other hand, if you need to deliver it in front of financers, you can be more casual in your tone and use some motivating words to get them to boost up.


You must interact with your audience. That doesn’t mean you are going to ask them every now and then to raise their hands and so on. But you can go for a quick poll between your speech. This will bring their attention and will excite them to listen to you.

Keep mentioning your theme:

Don’t forget about the crux of your speech. Revisit your theme throughout the speech. This constant reminder makes them feel the depth of the speech that what you are delivering is important. The basic pillar of the speech should not be missed out. If you just mention it once at the beginning of your speech, it leaves an impression on the audience that it’s not important.

Link your audience motivation:

You need to make certain important points clear. You are there to make out a point, convey a message to the audience, and not just to read out your script. You need to link to audience motivations. Once you feel the common interest is present in your audience, ask them questions. Why are they present. Their motive behind it. Be specific. Ask them to come up with their queries, their interests. Let them open up.

The benefit of the speech:

At the very beginning of the speech, make out the important points clear. Let the audience know all the benefits they are going to grab from your speech or presentation. What they are going to learn and how they are going to learn. This will keep them attentive throughout your speech. They will know why they are sitting there. They will be more engaged and engrossed to listen to you.

Just reading out the script is not the motto of any public speaking seminar. The theme needs to be conveyed to the audience. Your efforts should be fruitful. Thus, work on the points mentioned above to connect with your desired audience.