Granting proper first aid: an essential issue for employers

Employers should take into consideration proper organization of safety and security of employees at the workplace. The goal won’t be maintained without applying efficient training, the professional aider, a proper first aid kit, and a well-organized first aid room. Obtaining professional skills of Erste Hilfe Kurs is an essential issue. The kind of training can also vary considering the location of the workplace and things dealing with it. Maintaining emergency strategy of the company should take into account the following factors:

  • working with chemicals or any other harmful objects (it requires organizing special rooms with the antidote, shower rooms, emergency eye-wash stations)
  • studying the surroundings (controlling the crowd, people working, and visiting nearest institutions)
  • providing extra care for individuals with special needs (how to handle disabled people and children)
  • working alone employees (in that case, the full orientation of first aid should be applied)
  • assessing the presence of the nearest hospital (what transport is needed and who will provide the transportation of the injured person to erste hilfe kurs in der nähe)

The analysis of first aid kit at the workplace

All tools of the first aid kit should be placed efficiently and in the proper position. The time spending on proper locating of a special tool can be life-saving. Every workplace requires special available medical supplies. The minimum first aid kit content should contain:

  • bandages
  • adhesive tape
  • antiseptics
  • sterile pads
  • medical gloves
  • burn treatment applications

Those items must be examined regularly to require the appropriate number of medical tools. Some workplaces apply two kinds of first aid kits: indoor and outdoor. They differ in:

  • standardization of sizes
  • color coding packaging
  • the easy arrangement of tools (for removal and replacement)

First aid kits should be placed in marked places, so the location will be obvious with employees and they will be ready to run the emergency at the workplace.