Hire a Sexual Harassment Lawyer to Determine a Case for you 


When you join a company as an employee, you would be given adequate information about the policy of the company against sexual harassment. However, when a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, you may be unclear whether it comes under sexual harassment or not. In such a scenario, you should look forward to consulting Queens Sexual Harassment Lawyers. They would be your best bet to make the precise decision. 

In an event, where you come across a situation at your place of work that makes you feel uncomfortable, you would be entitled to file for a sexual harassment case. It would be imperative that the offense against you should be reasonable for holding your claim. There may not be a standard definition for determining the sexual harassment act done against you. It would be determined by the court of law. You should rest assured that sexual harassment could occur outside at the workplace as well. It would be inclusive of a health care setting, involving property management, school, or a financial service provider. 

Such sexual circumstances may be inclusive of sexual requests, advances, needing sexual favors for achieving benefits, or inappropriate touching. Moreover, displaying pictures, persistent requests for dates, and telling sexual jokes despite saying no would be determined as sexual harassment. 

If you were in a situation where you think the criteria fit for sexual harassment cases at your workplace, you should notify the HR department. They would be responsible for seeing that the situation is handled in the right manner. If you did not report anything to your employer, you may not have a legal basis for claiming unless the harassment could be proved to be done openly. 

If you have reported the concerns of your human resources department and the situation has worsened, you may have a claim against the employer. If sexual harassment becomes known and the company does nothing, they would be held liable.