Home Security with CCTV Cameras: What Can They Do?

Burglars are opportunistic by nature. Once they see that a house lacks monitoring systems, they will put the house high on their list. Reading this may alarm you, and it actually should! As a homeowner, you already know that an unsecured home would not give you that peace of mind. With you having a large sum of valuables in your home that you want to protect, you know that a lock would not be enough. A house guard may be excessive, and a guard dog may be too much work for you. However, settling for a CCTV installation in Singapore may be the middle ground that you are looking for!

Home security systems are networks of integrated electronic devices that work together in protecting you against burglars and other unauthorised entry. The CCTV or closed-circuit television system is almost a must for every homeowner to have one installed in their home nowadays. More and more people are making the switch as well. From home to commercial buildings, CCTV installation is a choice that you should invest in. With its protection and peace of mind that it can give you, you will experience the sense of safety and relief that every home and office must invest in.

In this article, you will learn more about what CCTV security can give you! By starting with identifying the current problems that homeowners have with their security, you will also learn about what these devices can do to address the problems. Also, you will know the best places where you can install the cameras in your home for maximum security!


Problems with Home Security

Identifying the common problems that homeowners have with home security is the first step to resolving them. Whether it may be having outdated security or lacking the motivation to have security systems installed, you must know that dealing with them as early as now would save you time and give you the immediate protection that you, your family, and your property needs. To know what you might be dealing with, here are the common problems that homeowners have with their home security:


  1. Compatibility issues

Compatibility issues in home security are often caused by homeowners buying different security products from various providers in Singapore. As a result, when they piece them together at home to install them, they end up being not compatible. They are left with unusable devices and investment down the drain. If this has happened to you, a good move is to attempt to sell these products, and use that money to buy from one provider and have them install it for you!

  1. Incomplete alarm coverage

As you may already know, security cameras have limitations. Unless you buy a 360-degree angle camera, it would only survey a limited area of your property. Some may find this annoying because they feel that their house is not fully protected. The easiest way to solve this one is to purchase broad-angle security cameras or place them where they could cover a wide area of your property.

  1. Experiences with false alarms

Motion detection sensors installed with CCTV cameras have their ups and downs. On one hand, it is good that it has advanced technology that would follow the direction of a thing or person that is moving. On the other, it could be a false alarm that can cause unnecessary panic because it might have only detected flying birds. The culprit may be the level of sensitivity that was set by the manufacturer, but it can always be adjusted. Though, you only have to trust a professional to have this done for you.

  1. Overall vulnerability

Home security system problems must not be taken lightly because, if you did, you could live in regret ever since a bad incident happened in your home. You may have a CCTV camera in Singapore, but have you considered that your system may also be vulnerable for hackers to infiltrate it? You must always consider the overall system because, if not, you are already a victim of cybercrime before you even know it.


What CCTV Installation Can Do to Heighten Security?

Among all the problems that homeowners encounter with their home security system, there is one good solution for it. That is, to trust a reliable CCTV provider who can offer installation services as well as give you the latest security technology that you need for your home. With a CCTV installation, you can expect these benefits:


  1. Document suspicious activity

It is already a given that CCTV can be used in court as evidence to prove someone was in a certain place or that they committed a crime. With the footage, claims against a person can be powerful because it is clear proof that they have done a crime or any suspicious activity.

  1. Give you enough scope of your surroundings

Surely, being indoors is the safest place that you can be in if there happen to be incidents near your home. With the central monitoring system of CCTVs, you can see what is going on outside your property in real-time. This can be helpful because you are at a safe enough distance from the incident to call the authorities. Thanks to the short to a wide range of scope that your CCTVs can cover.

  1. Deter criminals

One passive way of driving away burglars from your home is with CCTV cameras. As mentioned, burglars are opportunistic. They search for their next victims by exploring the neighbourhood. If they see that your house is fully equipped with all-around CCTV cameras, they will not put you in their prospective houses that they would infiltrate. Hence, it is almost like it is a strategy that values prevention over cure!


Where to Place Your CCTV Cameras?

When placing CCTV cameras on your premises, you have to have a strategy as well. With two or more cameras in your hands, you have to ensure that they could cover a large area on your premises. These may involve your house’s corners or in the porch ceiling. Nonetheless, finding the right places or corners will provide you with adequate surveillance and allow you to see what is going on with your surroundings.

While you are in the process of piecing together your home surveillance system, you might be wondering about how many security cameras you need. Many homeowners may skip this simple and crucial step, but only because they think they can figure it out as they go. It may sound like a money-saving approach but, in reality, knowing how many cameras you need to install before you purchase them can save you plenty of money in the long run. The recommended number of security cameras that a home needs is typically a choice between two and six, but knowing the exact number of areas that need to be covered by your surveillance camera might help. Here are some of the best locations to put your CCTV cameras:


  1. Front door

Burglars often take the obvious route to not show suspicion, and usually, the front door is the way they would use to gain access to your home. Hence, it is also the best place where you can install CCTV. With a direct visual of the person in your front door, it would allow you to see who is knocking. Be sure to secure it with wiring so they cannot tamper with it or take it off.

  1. Back door

Aside from the front door, your house’s back door is also a prospective route that burglars choose when they want to invade your home. Knowing that it is an area where family members visit, they can sneak in and out without raising suspicion as long as they are quiet. You can prevent this by installing a CCTV at your back door as well. Cameras with motion detectors can easily alarm you that someone is behind your house.

  1. Off-street windows

If not through a door, intruders will go through your windows. With your CCTV cameras detecting the motion of cars, burglars use it as a trick to not get caught on tape. What you can do is to direct your CCTV away from the street. Instead, it should cover the area of your windows so you can see if an intruder uses it as an entry point.

  1. Garage

A camera covering your driveway or garage is a great spot for picking up signs of suspicious activity. Your garage also has valuable equipment, such as your car that you need to guard as well. So, you must keep them safeguarded with CCTV, too.

  1. Indoors

Last but not least, CCTV installation inside the house is often forgotten. Remember that CCTV cameras are not exclusively suited to the outdoors. You can also install them inside your home where you can get a view of secluded corners that may be their entryway. Your camera is also safe from any damage that they could do because they usually break the outdoor cameras first. With this, you can still have the advantage of catching them on the act.


Looking for Home Security Providers in Singapore

Home is where your heart is, and you should keep your property safe against criminals to calm your heart. One way to do that is to invest in home security electronics, such as CCTV in Singapore. Remember that many burglars do the technique of knocking on your front door before they attempt to do a break-in. It is their way of ensuring that nobody is home. If you do catch them looking at your interior instead of focusing on your face, it might be safe to conclude that they might be a criminal. When you have your CCTV camera installed in the front door, it would help in having a visual of what they look like. It would speed up the process of the investigation if, unfortunately, they were successful in doing one.

Living in constant fear of getting robbed is not an ideal way to live life at all. Adding a security system in your home will give you that extra layer of defence that you need to live the peaceful life that you wanted.

Some people may suspect that their security system provider would be the ones who would plot the burglary. While the anxiety would help in being careful who to choose as your provider, you do not need the extra load of worry brought by these thoughts. What you can do is to take your time in searching for the right provider. Consider these things during your search in Singapore:


Ask your friends and family

  • Check product reviews
  • Communicate with them to ensure their expertise
  • Ensure that their website is secured
  • Know about their policies on return and warranty

Another option to have is to stay in contact with a reliable maintenance and repair service provider of CCTVs in Singapore. Plenty of people, criminal or not, may damage your cameras when accidents happen. Thus, it is best to have them repaired immediately to avoid opportunistic burglars. A reliable contact for repairmen would be enough to give you that back-up safety that you need!


One Stop Office Solutions (OSOS) for Home Security Needs in Singapore

The natural instinct that people have when it comes to protecting who they love is an admirable trait. It is part of what makes us human. While we have evolved in resorting to violence with help from spears or knives, there are passive ways that people can do to protect themselves and their family. One of those ways is CCTV installation in Singapore with the help of One Stop Office Solutions (OSOS)!

OSOS is a highly trusted and leading expert provider of security solutions for many corporations and individuals who require family protection. You can trust that they have quality products and services that can give you protection for your loved ones and property. With their security cameras, you can be assured you would be having a restful sleep every night.

If you want to see more and know more about the CCTV camera that OSOS can offer, you can always find them on their website. There, you can send them a message and get a quote for your chosen camera installation. You can click here to go directly to their contact page right now!