How Do I Clean My Electronic Cigarette?

You recently vaped and bought your first electronic cigarette. You are probably wondering how to maintain it! Our guide will teach you how to clean an electronic cigarette in a few straightforward steps. Thanks to regular maintenance, you will extend the life of your vape equipment while having flavors always at the top.

How Do I Clean My Electronic Cigarette?

An e eCig Advanced kit consisting of a box and a clearomizer can not be cleaned in the same way as an electronic cigarette, which consists of a single block with a reservoir integrated into the battery. To clean an electronic cigarette in two parts, start by unscrewing the battery’s clearomizer, also called a box mod. Use a rag soaked in alcohol to clean the box and clean the thread of the connection.

To clean your clearomiser, disassemble it and wash each part (base, pyrex of the tank, drip tip, top cap, seals) with soapy water, rinse and then let dry. This will remove any e-liquid residue and prevent the taste of your old e-liquid from interfering with the new one. Warning! Never wash resistance! The coil of an e-cig cannot be washed, and it must be changed when the e-liquid takes on an unpleasant taste.

How To Clean A Monobloc Electronic Cigarette

If the battery of your ecig is equipped with an integrated reservoir, you will not be able to clean the clearomizer with water. Use tissues lightly dampened with water to thoroughly clean the inside of the tank. For the drip tip, remove it if it is removable and wash it with soap and water.

Frequency Of Maintenance Of An Electronic Cigarette

Like any good vaper, you like when your vape sessions are tasty. If you do not regularly maintain your vape equipment, your ecig and, in particular, its atomizer will clog, and the aromas may be denatured. Besides the hygiene level, it is not terrible! Remember, the drip tip is the part of your e-cig kit that you wear in your mouth. The drip tip cleaning is required every day to avoid that bacteria can grow!

The ideal is to clean your electronic cigarette with each change of resistance. This allows for changing the flavor of e-liquid (e.g nicotine salt eliquid). Switching from a vape juice with a minty flavor to a classic gourmet e-liquid requires a good deep cleaning to eliminate any residual aroma! Some e-liquids are messier than others, and this is the case for all those with a high content of vegetable glycerin (Full VG or High VG). If necessary, use sodium bicarbonate, washing-up liquid, and vinegar to remove fatty residues from this type of high VG e-liquid.