How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

Nowadays, it is common to see organizations concerned with actions that will guarantee their success and profit. For this reason, many of them are choosing to outsource the payroll and other documents / activities carried out.

And all this change in administrative routines can have a significant impact on the company’s costs. But how much is payroll service cost to you?

You will see in this text several factors that are leading companies to outsource payroll, as well as countless very important information on this subject.

  • Care that needs to be taken

The first precaution you should take when choosing to outsource your payroll is to check that the specialist company provides a personalized plan that will meet all your needs.

You also need to look for references related to the services of a specific company or provider, to choose the one on which this activity can be trusted with full guarantee of results.

The provider or office must also have technical and moral skills to fulfill the routines, forming a partnership with your organization. It is also essential that you check all the tax receipts related to your payrolls and those referring to the services provided by the specialized company.

Finally, try to monitor the processes, checking if they have quality and if the deadlines are being met.

So, contact with Omega Payroll Services which will definitely meet your needs. Outsourcing the payroll can be an excellent option also due to the large investments made in servers and data security by the outsourced company.

  • Payment sheet – see which processes can be outsourced

There are a number of processes that you can choose to outsource, while producing your company’s payroll.

Regarding monthly routines, the following can be included:

  • counting and processing the sheet
  • salary advances
  • Position and salary changes
  • admission processes
  • contract terminations
  • E-Social Delivery

However, it is also possible to include other processes such as the calculation of vacations, both individual and collective, and the issuance of other documents, such as labor charges, pay checks and other collection forms.

Companies specializing in outsourcing payroll have all the information about the correct delivery of data.

Factors that differentiate the amount

Now that you know the basic details, your query on “how much is payroll out sourcing going to cost you” has a definite answer. Well, this will depend on several factors, such as the number of employees, the complexity of the document, the size of the company and the location.

There is no way to quote an average value, as each reality will be different. It is advisable to contact companies or professionals who provide this service and make a personalized quote.


After reading this article you can imagine that there are numerous benefits for organizations that choose to substitute the preparation of the payroll in the internal sectors, by contracting the services of companies specialized in this activity.

So if your company wants to focus more on its work, it is advisable to outsource the payroll process from the Omega Payroll Services.