How Often Should You Get Bike Servicing In Singapore? Here Are Warning Signs!


Are you one of the many people who regularly cycle and take rides? If so, how often do you get bike servicing in Singapore? This one remains one of the most frequently asked questions for bike riders, pro or non-pro. There isn’t a standard answer for this, as some factors can affect the need to visit a bicycle workshop, such as the load it typically carries, the terrain the bike rode on, or the miles it tracked down.

As a rule of thumb, getting bike servicing in Singapore should be at least every six to 12 months. However, it can still depend on your bike, but the more frequent servicing you get, the more chances of using it in its optimum condition. So, how do you know if it’s time to get service?


  • Clicking, grinding, or snapping noises from gears can indicate looseness and need adjustments.
  • If your bike chains start to fall off from the sprocket, there are chances that your derailleurs are loose and need adjustments.
  • If your chains produce squeaking sounds, it can also be a sign for bike servicing in Singapore. It only means your bike has insufficient lubrication.
  • Uneven, noisy, and rough brakes, even with only a short pull on the lever, may indicate the need for bike servicing in Singapore.
  • If there are any creaks or wobbles, consider checking your cycle and head to the bicycle workshop for an assessment. Although these are easy fixes, it is still best to catch them as early as possible.
  • Bikes should not rattle, especially when using them, no matter how old. If you get shaky and rattling rides, it may also be one good chance to get a service.
  • If your bike chains are becoming rustier, this may also mean it needs regular oiling.
  • Struggling with the pedal can possibly indicate flat tires, or they caught something, such as a nail, a piece of a broken item, glass, and the like.

Anyone who likes riding their bike should at least consider getting bike servicing in Singapore at least once in a while but should also remain proactive and avoid neglecting cycle issues, as this tends to create a heavier dent in your wallet in the long run. Don’t put things off that don’t seem right. You would only endanger yourself.

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