How to Choose Mobile Phone for Parents

The parents’ generation do not have high requirements for mobile phone performance. Their main needs are answering phone calls, sending messages, watching videos and taking photos. These functions can be satisfied by any smart phone on the market. Choosing too expensive mobile phones for them will cause waste of performance and is not cost-effective.

When choosing mobile phones for parents, you should pay less attention to performance and more attention to needs.

First of all, which system to choose?

The mainstream systems are IOS and Android. I advise you not to change the system. You can buy a mobile phone with system your parents are using now. Changing the system requires young people to adapt for a period of time, not to mention their parents.

Secondly, what aspects of batteries should we pay attention to?

Battery life. You should choose the one with strong battery life as much as possible. In addition to battery life, you need to pay attention to fast charging. This function improves the experience of the mobile phone. It can reduce the potential safety hazard of playing with the mobile phone when charging.

Furthermore, how much memory do you choose?

In 2020, 64G of memory will no longer meet the needs of most people. The way parents know information has gone from watching news to watching videos. If they take more photos and watch more TV plays, they will accumulate a large number of cache files. The mobile phone needs at least 128G of memory.

Then, select the size of the screen

The screen for parents must be larger. A large screen means a large font, and parents look easy. Watching video chat has become the main way for parents to relax. This means that they spend more time on their mobile phones, which will cost eye damage. Protecting eyes is not only for children, but also for the older generation.

Also, should we pay attention to the performance of the camera?

This part depends on the needs of parents. If parents don’t take photos very much, you can ignore it. The camera provided by the 1000-yuan mobile phones can meet the needs of parents. But if your parents love photography, they will pay attention to camera performance. You may lower other requirements and choose the mobile phone with the best camera performance.

Do parents need dual-SIM dual standby mobile phones?

This problem is aimed at IOS phones. Nowadays, many people have two cell phone numbers, so dual-SIM dual standby are essential. Android phones with dual-SIM dual standby are standard configurations. If you need a dual-SIM dual standby IOS phone, the cost will be slightly higher.

Having considered these problems, I would like to recommend a perfect mobile phone. You can use it normally for two or three years. This mobile phone has 5G technology. This is the HONOR X10 of HONOR smartphones. This mobile phone, which was just launched in May, supports dual modes and nine frequency bands. It can switch in dual card mode. When the main card uses 5G to surf the Internet, the auxiliary card can answer the phone without any influence. The price of this mobile phone is very cost-effective in 5G series. This mobile phone can meet all the above needs. If you want to choose a cell phone for your parents, then you can consider it.