How to Create an Original and Modern CV?

Whether you are a young graduate or ready to take your career to the next level, you job application should be prepared with care. A modern curriculum not only makes a good impression, but it also has many other benefits. It must be unique and elegant at the same time.

Make Sure to Attract the Recruit

If you want to know how to create a cv that triggers a good first impression, the presentation must be impeccable. For this purpose, you can use an original and modern CV template form an online CV creator. The layout and the font are important elements to consider. You resume must be clear and easy to decipher. Choose a template with well-defined sections to highlight the most important information of your profile.

Select a design and colours that are relevant to the position sought. Be careful, style should not take precedence over content: prefer a sophisticated but sober and elegant design. Sort through information and only mention that which is important for the position in question. The content of your curriculum vitae must be precise and be of real interest to the recruiter. Adding a photo is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Choose a flattering, professional shot, and strike a natural, appealing pose.

Show That You Have Made an Effort Writing the CV

Building a modern resume shows the recruiter that you take your application seriously and that you have taken the time to refine it. This presentation effort also shows that you will be able to bring the same care for the tasks that you will be given. Moreover, you have done the research to stay on top of current trends, which has enabled you to create a resume that meets recruiters’ expectations. This indicates that you are a caring person who cares about being competitive.

If you have gone for a particular design or colours, make sure your curriculum vitae does not lose its appeal when printed. It would be a shame to waste your presentation efforts. On the other hand, recruiters are placing more and more importance on the human qualities of a candidate. So, remember to mention the main soft skills required for the position. Ideally, a modern CV should fit on a single A4 page. Get to the point by showing that you can be concise and have a sense of priorities. Recruiters are very sensitive to that.