How to Ensure the Right Choice of Auto Shipping Company? Shipping Brokers to The Rescue

When relocating to a different location, there is several responsibilities involved including shipping our vehicles to the destination. Among different options available, opting for an auto transport company is the top-preferred method owing to the convenience, less planning involved, safety concerns and cost savings.

There are several auto transport companies offering attractive deals which increase the risk of getting caught up with scams. Not all companies that come up in Google search are legitimate. Scams have become a common occurrence and illegitimate auto transport companies lure clients by offering great discounts and strip our money. Be shrewd while selecting the company.

How to stay away from scams?

  • Go through the company website: A glance through the company website gives a fair idea of them. Grammatical mistakes, only few pages and no contact information are huge red flags to look out for. Registered companies enlist contact information along with their motor carrier number.
  • No phone number: Generally, auto transport companies contact client through calls. If you find only a blunt email address then it is a sign that the company isn’t willing to reveal personal information and there is a chance of them to be a scam.
  • Check reviews: Check out genuine review site and read through the reviews to make sure they aren’t paid ones. Paid reviews are easy to spot and convey little about the service. Trustworthy companies have several positive reviews.
  • Refer Better Business Bureau: Though it isn’t a mandatory requirement for auto transport companies to become a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member, several reputable companies register themselves with them and it contains information on contact information, complaints and their active period in business.

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Let shipping brokers take away your stress:

Are you feeling intimated reading all this and worried about becoming a victim of scam? There are auto-shipping brokers who help you choose a registered company who is a good fit for your shipping needs. If you are looking for a top vehicle shipping company, get in touch with reputable shipping brokers. Ship A Car Inc is a top choice of shipping brokers in the US.

They are connected to a wide network of several top shipping companies which makes it easy for them to find a suitable shipping company serving your location. They have been in business for several years and have a stream of loyal customers. The benefits of hiring the services of a shipping broker are aplenty.

Benefits of hiring a shipping broker:

  • Convenience: Making a list of best shipping companies in your surrounding area, requesting quotes from each of them and comparing the deal is time-consuming. The brokers do the short-listing and it is quicker to compare the quotes.
  • Reliability: With shipping broker help, you don’t have to worry about sudden cancellations or trucks running late. In the event of any issues, the brokering company will arrange a backup plan at the earliest.
  • Prompt service: A company may offer a good deal but their fleet may be located far away which delays the pick-up time. A broker helps you find a good shipping company near your location.

Shipping brokers make your job easier. Stay stress-free and take care of your car shipping in a hassle-free manner with their help.