How to maintain the boiler

There are some steps from which you can need to follow after the Boiler install to increase the span of the boiler. Here are some steps you can follow to increase the life of the boiler.

  • Always check the vent of your connection pipe and chimney. Regular cleaning of vending pipe or chimney will lead you to the increment in the life span of your boiler as it dust particles and granules stick to the chimneys can actually block the outlet and as a result of the remaining air will not pass out of the chimney. Moreover, if you try to add some equipment for increasing the heating capacity then also it will help you with
  • Always keep your eyes on the heat exchangers. The leakages in the boiler are quite easy to spot and if ignored then they can create a big mess over the boiler and can damage it in many ways. Even when there is a leakage in the combustion pipe of the boil then it will mix out the combustion gases in the air of the house. This thing also works as an important aspect of security and safety purposes.
  • Always regulate the settlements of optimum water levels and air temperature settings because it will affect both of the factors like comfort level and the efficiency of the boiler.
  • Before replacing or retrofitting the boiler, tell the expert to check it for the combustion- efficiency test.
  • Always check the combustion chamber for the cracks because any small crack can cause you bigger damages.
  • Always test your boiler for the carbon monoxide because a small release of this gas can cause your family bigger damages.
  • Always adjust the air blowers and supply air conditioners.
  • Always clean and oil the blower for smooth working.
  • Always remove the dust and soot from the boiler for hygiene purposes.
  • Adjust the fuel inputs and characteristics of the flame as regular checkups.
  • Always seal the connections between the important ducts and furnaces.


If you have a properly working chimney attached with your boiler then there might be a chance that you can use it for many years. The chimney will take all the useless particles out of the window with the helo of a window or any outlet. However, if your chimney is taking out carbon monoxide then it will cause you several problems as if it will spread out in your home and give several damages to your family.

However, in the older boilers, the chimneys are fitted inside the boiler so there is no need to add up an extra one on the outlet of the boiler. However, these types of chimneys are not much effective as compared to the externally applied chimneys.


With the final words, we conclude that here we have discussed the things that you need to consider whoever you want to increase the life span of your chimney. Moreover, you can also keep these things in mind and can follow them to get results.