How to Make Use of Contemporary Interior Design For Your Home

The contemporary interior design is increasingly outlined as a search for attention, for the craftsmanship of the hand-made, for durability and for the attention of the environment. Among re-editions and experiments, here is what’s new in the field of furniture and decor.

A well-organized layout, a chromatic scheme that perfectly conveys the desired style and atmosphere, and the propensity for custom-made furnishings and the choice of the right decorative accessories – there are numerous elements to be evaluated to obtain a balanced environment, which will combine functionality, style and versatility.

A styling intervention completed successfully will culminate in a home with a high aesthetic value, which may have numerous tailor-made furnishings. Bright and clear surfaces are lit by touches of blue and authentic materials such as wood, while the accurate lighting technology places the accent on elements iconic to the style.

This includes decorative elements such as the large windows that connect the inside and the outside, the large central suspended fireplace and the contemporary works of art by young artists, selected to coordinate with the colors and materials of the furniture.

Origin and References of Contemporary Style

The appreciation of contemporary-style characteristics and elements tested and approved by the public leads us to aesthetically attractive and inviting sets. However, it is without the excessive coldness associated with minimalism and modernism – two sources that feed the current contemporary ideas.

Style Changes

Being an evolving style, today’s contemporary interior design is not the same as 20 years ago. If we now value colors like green, earthy shades, gray and other natural tones, before that, the privilege laid in modern color blocking, with overlaid, loud tones. Fashion passes, the styles of furniture and decoration change, and the contemporary style follows this trend. This is the preferred style of people who value the launches and novelties that the decoration stores have to offer, and do not bother to mix elements.

The Decorative Color Tones

Black, white, gray, brown, pastels and neutral tones are the best friends of contemporary decor. Black is widely used as a base color, as it gives visibility and sophistication to the rest of the decor. Vibrant colors are allowed in a punctual way to stand out from the scene in decorative objects, paintings and pillows. The aim is that the set is pleasant and harmonious, and never exaggerated or confused.

Two of the most striking features of contemporary style are the appreciation of open space and the presence of clean, clearly visible lines. The lines can appear in the decoration in several ways, either on the edge of a geometric sofa, on the high ceiling or in a large window. When we don’t overdo the decorative items, these basic lines help to define the environment and focus on the main decoration. The open space, a legacy of classic minimalism, is another important resource for us to appreciate the ordered lightness of the contemporary ensemble.

Last Words

When it comes to furniture, the contemporary style values ​​pieces that are both simple and striking. It is essential that this furniture is clean and smooth, in geometric shapes. Pieces with different shapes or covered with details, like fringes and reliefs, or colorful cabinets are discouraged. In terms of color, contemporary furniture follows the same line of style with its neutral tones, especially black, nude and gray.

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