How to Photo Your Products Flawlessly?

Light will make or break your shot. Look for darkness and light flares. Besides emphasis, that will be your greatest problem. Every little thing else will normally form. When taking photos of your item, try these pro suggestions:

  • Set up your backdrop

Provide yourself lots of space all around the item, so also if you shoot from other angles you can keep the background behind the item. Numerous eCommerce sites need a white background, so examine their guidelines before publishing.

  • Gather your equipment

If you hold the camera to fire, you run the risk of moving or shaking. A tripod will assist in stopping fuzzy images. Your lens will depend upon your topic. Smaller sized items do well with a zoom or portrait lens; they pick up details. Experiment to see what looks best. Try to get one with gimbal stabilizer for better stability on your tripod. Click here to see a good range of tripods with stabilizers.

  • Strategize your shot

You’ll require 3-7 pictures of various angles, depending on your product. If you are shooting ten products for a comparable line, ensure you record each angle for every item and get detail shots when applicable.

  • Adjust your lights to make sure correct light distribution

Take a test shot, as well as readjust the product photography lighting or the object appropriately. Always view the shot through the lens of your camera and scan the perimeter of the shot for problems like background edges or other things in the shot that should not be there. Next, take a look at the product with your lens. Try to find “brilliant” areas and other problems.

Know that there are two different types of items:

  • Reflective Products

These items are made from materials that bring in and show light. Instances of reflective products:

    • Glass
    • Fashion jewelry
    • Metal
  • Dark Products.
  • Dark items are not as most likely to show light, yet often they can toss a light flare, so expect that. Examples of dark products:
    • Electronics
    • Purses
    • Tiny Home appliances

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