How to Stand Out at Online Job Interviews

In the era of social distancing, online job interviews will be more common. Unless there is something you really need to do in person for your interview, companies might choose to just conduct it remotely. That’s not a bad thing if you consider the time you’re not wasting on the road. You’ll also feel comfortable from home because you’re in your safe zone.

However, it’s still important that you give the interview your best shot. With many layoffs that happened around the world, competition is steeper than ever. Here’s how you can stand out amid the sea of video interviews:

Wear a Striking Color

Similar to a real interview, you’ll want to be easily noticeable for your interviewers. The easiest way to get their attention is through your clothing and makeup. Considering that you’re not in the same room, it doesn’t matter what kind of pants or skirt you’re wearing, but choose your shirt carefully. A well-structured button-down will be perfect in a solid color. Try not to wear prints, as these may not register well on camera. Finish the look with your favorite red lip for a confident feel. Before the day of the interview, you’ll want to buy face masks online, use it along with your favorite skincare serums, and sleep well so that you will feel rejuvenated on the day of the big day.

Improve the Video’s Lighting

Set a reminder before the start of the interview, and make sure you’re not late. Be there at least 10 minutes early so that you can check how everything looks. Your background is important–it doesn’t have to look like a luxury hotel, but it should not be distracting. Close the door if you have a prying family who might walk in when they hear you talking to someone. Check that the lighting is favorable as well. You don’t want to look like you just woke up. You don’t want the camera to wash out the makeup you worked hard to put on that morning. And most importantly, you don’t want bad lighting casting horrible shadows and changing your expression in front of the camera.

Practice in Front of a Mirror

When it comes to body language, you can easily train yourself to detect whether your feet, hands, or posture need to be changed to look more confident or honest. However, your facial expressions also need some training or at least managing. If you’re known for having the resting bitch face, it takes more effort to look warm and inviting. Train yourself to smile as genuinely as possible, and practice the expression when you talk or think. Make note of the expressions you make and how they might come across. If you look like a pleasant person, interviewers will be more receptive to you.

Your interviewers might be interviewing dozens of candidates per day. You can easily be forgotten even if you have an excellent resume because everyone else can also easily pad their resume to match yours. What will set you apart is how you carry yourself and how well you conduct yourself even online.