How to Stay Safe and Secured While Play Online Betting Games

People have different ways of dealing with stress. Some reach out to family or friends, while some may isolate themselves to deal with it on their own. Both are common, but it is only part of a wide spectrum of ways of de-stressing. In that spectrum, there are a select few people who are into playing games as a way to relieve themselves from the pressures and demands of everyday life. This applies to both genders as well. Although, a study in 2019 had found that women are biased in playing RPGs, MMORPGs, and First-Person Shooters. All ages are also welcomed in playing games as a time spent to reduce stress levels due to school or work. This behaviour has implied that overcoming stressful thoughts or situations, one must have to distance themselves from them. Well, your way might be going to websites that allow online betting in Malaysia. Come to think of it, there is nothing wrong with your way as well. 

Gambling is often a tool or a coping mechanism for stress or low mood. If you think of your gambling habits, perhaps you are more likely to gamble when you’re feeling stressed out. It is undeniable that gambling is a temporary escape from those uncomfortable feelings of tension, anxiety, and irritation that you feel daily. While the addictive nature of gambling comes effortlessly for you, it may be a reason for you to neglect the way you protect yourself online, which is still a must!

What you will find in this article are the common risks that players face when they are engaged in their online games, especially betting websites. You will also discover the trends in gambling that made it the way it is today, and why you cannot get enough of it. In the last two sections of this article, you will learn how you can keep yourself safe and secure while you enjoy your games, and what measures you should take when you are about to trust an online betting site! 

The Risks of Online Gaming

Generally speaking, games have been played for a long, long time now. It all started with the classics, such as Pacman, Pokemon, and other Gameboy games that children have been fond of playing. Board games, which now can be called offline games, are also an enjoyable way of spending time with people without the need for gadgets. The commonality they have is none other than giving positive health effects to players, like you. It is not hard for you, and many people, to find them appealing. Hence, developers have made it their way to put them all online, including putting a bet online in Malaysia! Here, players can enjoy a wide variety of games that involve betting their money in a chance of getting a bigger return. Like brick-and-mortar casinos, it is the same idea but players transact online. With this, a worry comes to mind, are players safe when they are playing on their laptops, PCs, or phones? Not exactly, especially if you are not being careful enough.

Here are some of the risks that you are putting yourself into when you are putting a bet online or on any other gambling sites:


Gaming addiction has always been a concern, for parents to their children and adults themselves. Worries have been intensified with news that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is classifying “gaming” under the section that deals with ‘Disorders due to addictive behaviours.’ In this category, gaming is grouped with addiction to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Hence, to gamify betting online, it is concerning for you to get addicted to it. Therapy can be a solution, but you must first be aware of your behaviour when it comes to your betting games.

Privacy problems

Online safety involves keeping your identity online a secret. Creating usernames that are derivatives of your real name is extremely discouraged. You would not want to reveal any personal information that you have with players you do not know. Hackers often target these types of players. They may manipulate you to reveal your location or age and, from that, they may single you out and steal your identity, or worse, go to you and steal from you directly. Do not worry because this is a risk that can be prevented. As long as you play in a trusted online casino in Malaysia and keep your personal information a secret, you can enjoy your games as long as you like!

Hidden fees

In gambling and betting, money is involved. It is why hackers like to look for their next victims on these online platforms. They may personally send you a message saying that you got a bonus from playing this one game but, in reality, you have not played that game before. It is their way to trick you into depositing money into a suspicious account to cover unpaid fees, but it is their account after all. The solution here is simple, never give out your card number to anyone, especially if what they are saying is not real.


Unsecured websites are everywhere, so it may be possible that you have encountered them more than once if you are a frequent user in search engines looking for games to play. While they may seem harmless, visiting an unsecured website can be damaging to your computer because of malicious software variants, such as viruses. They may masquerade as a legitimate website, but as you play their games, they will attack your computer. One way to keep yourself from falling victim is to download cybersecurity software to put a wall against these viruses!

Trends in Online Gambling

Every day, developers of online betting and gambling websites are enhancing their platforms to cater to the demands of their players. These are the people who have involved themselves in digital technology to change many industries and casinos. One proof of that is the way you can play your favourite slots, blackjack, and poker games using your smartphones today. Hence, it is not a surprise that people are becoming more fond of betting online. Here are some innovative ways that you can expect from the online casino industry:

Live dealers

Traditional casinos allow you to interact with a real dealer and other players. It is, without a doubt, what makes physical betting casinos enjoyable. If this is what you enjoy in gambling as well, you will appreciate the websites that have live dealers. Online casinos are now integrating that live dealer experience thanks to livestreaming. With them, you will get to enjoy your games to a whole new level, and you would not even have to leave your desk!

Mobile gambling

It is impossible to meet anyone who does not own a smartphone nowadays, and online casinos are taking advantage of the accessibility of people to the internet. To make their way to yours, they are developing applications that allow you to have a secure and comfortable way of playing your slots and card games! 

VR technology

As of today, not many casinos have embraced the advancement of VR technology, but it does not mean it would not happen anytime soon. Imagine if you could walk around your home, but you see a virtual world wherein you are inside a traditional casino? It is what VR technology promises and many players cannot wait to try them out.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe While Betting Online

Online gaming is great since it brings together a group of people who like to play together. From friends to strangers, you can enjoy a great time with them, but you have to keep yourselves safe. If you are thinking of getting into online betting, here are some tips for you to keep yourself safe and secured:

1. Avoid downloading things

Accessible websites where you can bet online would not need you to download anything. If you are playing on a browser, this is something to keep in mind. Do not download suspicious software, especially if the source is unknown. 

2. Do not give personal information

Whether it is your email address, location, phone number, or even your real name, you should not give any of them away. Remember that you are playing online with strangers. As much as possible, you should only talk to them about the game so you can have something to bond with that does not need you to give any personal background about you.

3. Your username should not be your real name

Almost like the previous tip, you should not reveal your real name in the game or use it as your official username. It includes details of your birth date and year, nickname, and other identifying information that can be linked to your real identity. 

4. Use a different bank account

More than for expenses control, you would not want to directly link your bank account that has your life savings to an online casino game. If you fall victim to a scam and they got your bank account log-in details, they would only get to have a limited amount of money from you. A good way to ensure this is to only have a specific amount deposited in your bank account for online gambling.

5. Play on trusted websites only

Asking your friends and family to recommend an online casino is a great move. For instance, they may say that they have played at Mega888 casino in Malaysia before. They are recommending this to you because they have firsthand experience playing there, and they know that it is safe to gamble your money on that website. If your relatives are not fond of playing casino games, you can rely on online forums when it comes to finding a trustworthy site where you can play!

Trusting Online Website Review Platforms

If you are not the type to ask people for suggestions or recommendations when looking for a trustworthy online casino, let this be an exception. Customer reviews are valuable. The emergence of online platforms is extremely beneficial to online gamers like you. Here, you can find if something is worth trying or not. Since online betting involves money, you would want to know if your hard-earned money will return to you in the forms of entertainment from betting online.

The thought of fake reviews may cross your mind, and it is a valid thought. Fake reviews are, indeed, abundant on the web today. Some unethical businesses owners post positive reviews about themselves using fake accounts or hire people to do it for them in a chance to increase their rankings and visibility. While it may be difficult to differentiate them from authentic ones, there is a way to avoid them, and that is through research. Being aware of the signs that a website may be illegitimate is a skill that every online player should possess, and you should too. Take note of these signs that you are on a trustworthy website that showcases legitimate online casinos:

  • Their website is secured
  • They have reliable reviews
  • They have a contacts page and are easy to contact
  • Their reviews are from an objective standpoint
  • They emphasise responsible gaming

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Not only does gaming reduce stress, but it can also provide you with positive social experiences. Even when you are a casual gamer, who only plays in only a couple of minutes, you must still be careful in registering online games. This is especially true if you are a new gambler trying to learn a game of skill like poker, it can be hard to find a website that can teach you how to play the game, but you should not put your safety as secondary. With this, you will find GamingSafe as your friend when looking for the best online casino in Malaysia! Trust that they have detailed and comprehensive reviews of every reliable website that can help you make your decision in starting your online gaming experience.

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