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The OTT platforms are being utilized by the people more these days.  Mainly college students searching for the Telugu movies watch online.  There are many films worthy for college students at OTT platforms like Aha.

The Aha movies OTT platform mainly came for Telugu movies watch online and it’s exclusive facility for Telugu movies watch online.  In Aha, there is a popular movie named ‘Husharu’ getting more views from the college students.

Why are college students high in watching Husharu instead of others?  Because the movie’s storyline is familiar to college students and youngsters, which they experienced in their lives.  The director Harsha made this movie with natural elements of college students, which they faced some problems and got entertained with sweet incidents in their lives.

Aha movies added this movie in their movie library and received the highest views from the youngsters, college students.  The movie came in December 2018 and reached the hearts of youngsters.  Everyone recalls their sweet memories in their college days while watching the movie.

The director mixed all elements like funny, happy, sad, etc, whichever the persons experienced in their college days.  Let’s check the story, artists’ performances, technicalities, highlights of the movie now.


Arya (Tejas Kancherla), Chaitanya alias Chai (Abhinav Medishetti), Bunty (Tej Kurapati), Dhruv (Dinesh Tej) are childhood friends.  They live a life of emphasis on enjoyment over education.  Enjoying their life irresponsibly, living only for friendship.

Arya falls in love with her schoolmate (Deeksha Nagarkar).  Chai felt crushed on Riya (Priya Vadlamani) whom he loved at first sight at the party.  Riya leaves Chai to the US for a reason while life is going through.  It turns out that Chai has been mentally depressed and also diagnosed affected with cancer.  Arya gets into some trouble in love and he chooses to make Beer for income as the needs increase financially.

Why did Riya leave Chai? How did they raise the Rs. 30 lakhs required for Chaitanya Cancer Treatment?  What is the role of Rahul Ramakrishna (Raju Bollam) in this story?  are the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:

The four guys Tejas Kancherla, Tej Kurapati, Dinesh Tej and Abhinav Madishetti are the heroes and are main pillars in this story.  These four guys performed extraordinary in their respective roles.  Tejas impressed the audience with his Serious Attitude.  Abhinav attracted the audience with his emotional acting.

In the second half of the movie, Abhinav episode turned out to be a plus.  The scenes in between Tej Kurapati and Dinesh Tej turned into a feel good in a story that goes on seriously.


While watching the movie, it seems that the movie was directed by an experienced director.  But, in truth the director Harsha is debutant for this movie.  The way he narrated the story on screen is just wonderful.  He blended different elements and characters in the story as an expert director.

The way Harsha presented the four lead roles and three female lead roles in the movie should appreciate him.  He managed to run the subplots while leading the main story successfully.  He utilized all the actors and technicians properly as per the need for the movie.  Photography and music are the main assets to the film.


Sri Harsha Konuganti’s Screenplay and Direction are the main highlights of the film.  The performance of lead actors, Priya Vadlamudi’s glamour, cinematography and music are the assets to the movie.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Tejas Kancherla, Tej Kurapati, Dinesh Tej, Abhinav Medishetti, Daksha

Screenplay & Direction: Sri Harsha Konuganti


Cinematography:Raju Thota

Producer:Bekkem Venugopal, Riyaj


While searching for Telugu movies watch online for the college students, Husharu is the perfect choice to watch.

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