Important Safety Tips to Protect Children from Online Threats 

We are a part of the digital age where information is at our fingertips. Besides adults, young children can access any sort of information on the internet via their cellphones, computers, and tablets. They use the internet to search for information for their homework, play online games, interact with their friends on social networks, and watch their favourite TV shows and movies. 

There is no doubt that the internet is helpful to them in so many ways. However, at the same time, they also need to be aware of the dangers lurking on the internet and taught how to keep themselves safe from various online threats and challenges. Using spy apps is highly recommended for parental supervision but you need to beware of those offering a free Android spy app or free iPhone monitoring app because most of the free spy apps turn out to be bogus or lack important monitoring features.  

Along with deploying a monitoring app on your child’s device, it is important that parents educate their children about rising online dangers as well as how to protect themselves from them. Talking openly and honestly with children about online dangers and their internet safety is essential. 

Internet Safety Tips for Children 

Children may feel quite thrilled about browsing on the internet, streaming their favourite movies and TV shows, interacting with their friends on social media apps or conducting educational research on the internet. while performing these online activities, they may stumble upon online threats in the form of cyberbullying, pedophilia, pornography, sexting, violent content, etc. 

Simple mistakes carried out on the internet can lead to dangerous repercussions. Therefore, children need to be extremely vigilant while spending time online. Parents can teach their children about internet safety and how they should use social media sensibly and safely. 

Parents can ensure their children are safe on the internet by following these online safety tips:

Never Let Your Child Use the Internet Alone

Make it a point to never let your child access the internet via digital devices alone. The digital device, be it a computer, cellphone or tablet, should not be kept in the child’s room. Instead, you should keep the device in a room where everyone is present and where you can easily keep an eye on their online activity. 

This way, you can ensure that your child is not engaged in any inappropriate online activity and also supervise what they are doing on the internet. 

Monitor What Your Child Posts Online

Being a parent, you must teach your child to post only relevant and appropriate content on the internet. tell them that once something is posted online, it becomes permanent and cannot be deleted. Therefore, they need to be extremely careful about what they post online. 

For instance, teens may post private photos or videos of themselves on social media. They may also leave comments on someone’s picture. You need to monitor what your child is posting online and if you find something inappropriate, you need to take it down immediately and teach your child that it should have never been posted in the first place. 

Be honest and open with your children and explain your reasons so they can avoid conflict on the internet and stay safe from online threats. 

Use Reliable Spy Software 

Monitoring your child’s online activity with the help of spy software or monitoring app is a great idea as you get to know what your child has been up to on the internet. Several monitoring and spy apps are available that work on all the platforms including Android and iOS. 

However, you should be careful while choosing the spy app and not use fall for any free version because those who claim to offer, let’s say, best free hidden spy apps for android, often lack essential monitoring features and fail to provide the required results. Therefore, you need to be careful while making the selection. 

Set Time Limits 

You can set a specific time limit for online activities for your children’s safety. Whether your child is using the internet for educational purposes or entertainment reasons, it is recommended to limit the time they are spending online. 

This will help your child spend their time on other important activities such as studies, playing with friends, etc., and help divert their attention. Always discuss the same with your child and mutually agree on a set time limit per day.  

Teach Your Child to Protect their Online Privacy

You should teach your child to protect their online privacy and never share their personal information such as full name, contact number, mailing address, email address, work details, bank account details, etc. with any person on the internet. They should always seek your permission first before sharing details with anyone. 

Teaching children about protecting their online privacy is important because if they won’t keep themselves safe, the hackers can easily get access to their private information and may also try to steal their identity. Therefore, they need to be extremely careful while spending time on the internet.