Pregnancy tests and ultrasound are not the only way through which you can predict that you are pregnant. There are many symptoms that indicate your pregnancy that we don’t pay attention to. So, it is always good to know what all changes happen in the body that has a link to pregnancy. There are high possibilities that many women don’t even realize that they are pregnant before they start showing some of these signs,

Missed periods

It may state the evident, but if you skipped your menstrual cycle (particularly if your lives generally operate like clockwork) you are likely to suspect pregnancy and for an excellent purpose. A missed period is one of the premature symptoms of all expectant moms. When you check if you are pregnant using pregnancy strips, there are chances of getting the first response negative result. So, it is advisable to check multiple times to be sure.

Mood swings

Again, fault those hormonal modifications associated with pregnancy for the mood swings that you may experience once you expect. You may experience a PMS-style moodiness as soon as you are into your pregnancy; earlier in the first trimester and often during the remainder of your pregnancy, you may be up one minute and worried or down the next.

Raised body temperature and fatigue

Another indication of pregnancy may be greater basal body temperature. During practice or in hot weather, the core temperature of your body may also boost more readily. You will need to create sure you eat more water and practice carefully during this moment.

Changes in breasts

Changes in the breast are a symptom. Because of modifications in hormones, you are probable to create delicate and swollen breasts. If your body has adapted to the hormones, this is probable to go unnoticed after a few weeks. Hormones keep growing your tits. The areola — the region around the breast — can turn into a lighter color and develop bigger. If you had acne fights before your pregnancy, you may have breakouts again as well.

Morning sickness

That uneasy sensation in your stomach recognized as morning illness can strike you at any moment of the day. Hormones — predominantly improved progesterone concentrations that lead the belly to fill more rapidly — are again largely to blame, Nausea and vomiting strike immediately after the conception.

Food aversions

Smell sensitivity is a mostly self-reported symptom of premature pregnancy. During the first trimester, there is little scientific evidence of smell sensitivity. But it can be essential because sensitivity to the smell can cause nausea and vomiting. It may also trigger some ingredients to be strongly distasted. It might be a simple vegetable salad to chicken.

Once you know for sure that you are pregnant, there might be a lot of questions raising in excitement like when will husband feels baby kick when can listen to the heartbeat, etc. Always visit a doctor and get it confirmed. Do not skip any visits and try and stick to what the doctor advises.