Know how to check PF Claim Status

What is a Provident Fund?

  • The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a programme to support salaried employee’s retirement provision. It is a pension scheme that both workers and employers contribute to monthly, and it is one of the most popular pension schemes in the country. 
  • In most cases, employees pay 12% of their basic salary & dearness allowance, and Employers pay the same contribution.
  • The money is typically withdrawn at retirement age, but the option of availing is available to the employees while still working with specific terms and conditions. 
  • Companies with more than 20 employees must register them for provident fund via a unified portal and make their respective UAN available to them within the pension fund.
  • The employees can claim the saved money through online, SMS, UMANG app and a missed call.

What is PF Claim Status?

  • The latest information available about a PF account holder’s application for EPF withdrawal is described as PF claim status. 
  • It gives you an idea about the development in your claim process. It also enables you to prepare for an error or delay in the claim process.

You can the PF claim status in the following ways.

  1. A) Check PF claim status online
  2. Use UAN Member Portal

You can check your claim status by using UAN. If you do not have UAN, then fill up Form 19 and submit the attested copy to your nearest EPFO office,

Step 1 – Use your UAN and password to log in UAN Member Portal

Step 2 – Click on the tab ‘Online Services’.

Step 3 – Click tab ‘Track claim status.’

Step 4 – Details of your claim status will appear on the screen

Note: Those who have applied for an offline claim process won’t be able to access their PF claim status using this portal. They will have to use the EPFO’s official website to track their claim process.

  1. Through the EPFO portal

Follow the steps to check the claim status online through EPFO portal

Step 1 – Reach out to EPFO’s dedicated portal.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Our Services’ option tab

Step 3 – After that, click on ‘For Employees’ tab.

Step 4 – After being redirected to the next page, click the ‘Service’ tab.

Step 5 – Next, click ‘Know your Claim Status’ tab.

Step 6 – Enter your UAN.

Step 7 – Then click the ‘Search’ tab.

Step 8 – Select ‘‘Member ID’.

Step 9 – In the end, click the ‘View Claim Status’ to track the developments of your PF claim.

  1. Use the PF account number without UAN

Step 1 – Visit the official website of EPFO 

Step 2 – Look for the ‘Know your Claim Status’ page.

Step 3 – Open the ‘Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status’ tab.

Step 4 – After that, choose your respective PF Office State.

Step 5 – Select your city.

Step 6 – Enter your EPF account number.

Step 7 – Click the ‘Submit’ tab.

After entering accurate details, all the details related to your PF claim will appear on your screen

  1. Use the Umang App to track Claim status

Step 1 – Search for the EPFO option on the homepage of the App.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Employee Centric Services’ tab.

Step 3 – Open the ‘Track Claim’ tab.

Step 4 – Enter your UAN and click the ‘Get OTP’ tab.

Step 5 – Use the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click the login tab.

After login, all your details will appear on the screen. The details such as – tracking ID, claim status, etc.

Usually, applicants prefer checking their PF claim status online as the process is quick and easy. If you are not confident using online options, then you can use other options


  1. B) Check PF claim status offline
  2. Through an SMS

You can track your claim status by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number to 7738299899. The latest SMS format is ‘EPFOHO UAN LAN.’. The ‘LAN’ stands for language in which you want your claim details.

Below is the table for different languages and their codes.

Language  Code
English ENG
Hindi HIN
Bengali BEN
Tamil TAM
Marathi MAR
Punjabi PUN
Malayalam MAL
Kannada KAN
Gujarat GUJ
Telugu TEL


  1. Through a missed call

You can check PF claim status by giving a missed call on the toll-free number – 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number. After disconnecting your call, you’ll receive the information about your claim status through an SMS on your registered mobile number.

Note: Applicants will have to update their Aadhar, PAN, and bank details at the UAN portal.

Conclusion:  You can check your PF claim status by both online and offline mode. Most of the employees opt for an online process as it is hassle-free and quick. Remember, if you have applied for a withdrawal, then opting for online mode will be the right choice.

MD: A Complete guide on the tips to check EPFO Claim Status. Check your status using UAN Member Portal, EPFO Portal, Umang App and other options.